Got a Community-Building Idea? Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant by Friday, May 31


NSG 2013 May 31If you are an avid follower of you will have heard about Neighbourhood Small Grants or ‘NSG’ by now. The good news is that you still have a chance to get one. There’s a second application deadline: Friday May 31 by midnight at

NSG range from $50-1,000 and are available to residents living on Vancouver’s Westside. This program is funded by the Vancouver Foundation and City of Vancouver and administered by local community organizations like Kitsilano Neighburhood House. It’s awesome and so easy to apply.

A successful NSG applicant, who for 20 years wanted  to bring honey bees into her neighbourhood, found the perfect fit with this program. According to her, “NSG is one of the best grant things I have ever been involved with. The way its run is so empathetic that it builds community through its very structure. I have been able to use small amounts of money to bring new people together and to bring things I love to people.”

So if you too have a passion for scrap booking, cooking, gardening, photography or whatever it may be. This is your chance to apply for a grant that allows you to share your interest and skills with your neighbours and community members. So find a co-applicant and take a few minutes to apply online now.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Small Grants program requirements and to apply online, visit the Vancouver Foundation website

Last modified: May 30, 2013

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