Looking For the Perfect Park in Kits? There’s an App for That


Fun on the swings at Rosemary Brown Park.Fun on the swings at Rosemary Brown Park

After hearing a CBC interview last week proclaiming the long-term dangers of Nature Deficit Disorder, I panicked, packed up a picnic lunch and forced the family to traipse around Pacific Spirit National Park so we could be one with nature.  The highlight of the visit for my daughters was the concrete reservoir which made me realize we needed some remedial nature classes.  So I’m reigning in my ambitions and starting with a local park within hailing distance of our apartment complex.

Looking for the perfect park in Kits?  There’s an App for that.

Kitsilano is blessed with beautiful parks. So the issue is not finding a lovely spot to hang out, rather finding a park with all the amenities we want.  So I was delighted when I stumbled upon the Vancouver Parks app to help me choose where to take the girls to play.

The Vancouver Parks app for iphone and ipad catalogues the City’s more than 200 parks.  You can view the parks near your current location on a map or browse parks alphabetically.  Each park has its own page with basic information including address and amenities.  And, for more information the app links to each parks webpage.

The app is not perfect.  First released in 2010 and updated in 2012, it crashes if you scroll through the park list too quickly and it freezes if you move the map around too much.  Also it lacks the ability to search for a park based on the criteria which would be really helpful.  But, it’s a good starting point.

You can download the Vancouver Parks App from the website vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture.aspx

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Orla is mother to two girls, age 1 and 3. She takes full advantage of the great amenities for families in Kitsilano. Like most parents, she’s tired, but happy. Read more about her family’s adventures at Brilliantthankyou.wordpress.com, celebrating family and life in Vancouver.

Last modified: May 16, 2013

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