Car-Jackings Come To Kitsilano During An Hour-Long Crime Spree Last Night


CarsSmashedA 25-year-old man is in custody after crashing his vehicle into several parked cars and then allegedly attempting three car-jackings and a bike-jacking over the course of an hour in Kits last night.

Police got several calls starting at 9:40pm about a man running off after driving into five parked cars along West 1st near Arbutus Street.

“The suspect allegedly tried to drag a man out of his car at Arbutus and 3rd. He was unsuccessful at removing him or getting into the car, he then ran to Maple and 3rd where he, again, tried to drag a driver out of his car. He was again unsuccessful in that attempt,” Vancouver police Constable Brian Montague told CBC.

A police dog tracked the suspect to a backyard in the 2800 block of Waterloo Street, where after an hour of running, the man finally surrendered to police without further incident.

Photo: Shane MacKichan, CBC

Last modified: May 10, 2013

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