Best Brunch in Kitsilano? We Begin at the Oakwood


Fluffy pancakes hot off the griddle, smeared with freshly churned butter, drizzled with a decadent strawberry sauce and topped with a dollop of whip cream?

Or how about some skillet sizzling bacon, seasoned crispy hash, an egg cooked to perfection (which, in my opinion means that the yoke is just ever so sightly runny yet maintains the integrity of its convex existence–surface tension folks, surface tension!), all enhanced by your favourite hot sauce?

Whether you’re after sweet or the savoury, you gotta admit, we all have a wee weakness for weekend brunch.

Kitsilano is one of the hottest brunch destinations in Vancouver, and now that we’re getting into patio season and people are on the scout for a sunny Sunday morning dine-out, we need to debrief on the locals’ favourite places to go for brunch.

What are the best brunch spots in Kitsilano?

The team headed to The Oakwood last Sunday for a chance to try the brunch menu. With mouth-watering items like maple confit pork belly, dungeness crab benedict, and lemon mascarpone french toast on the menu, it was not an easy call to decide what kind of culinary goodness we wanted to fill our bellies with.

Pictured above, three of us ordered the warm kale breakfast with poached eggs and fried onions. You may remember the warm kale salad from Oakwood’s dinner menu. It was so popular, it made it onto the brunch menu. Served hot and sizzling in your own personal cast iron skillet, this dish was definitely a winner and kale had never tasted so good! The verdict? Warm kale rules!

Alright, Let’s hear from you. Where are  your favourite places in Kits to go brunching? Please comment below and share some of your recommendations with us.

Happy Brunching!

The Oakwood 2741 West 4th Avenue, 604-558-1965,

Photo Credits: Youna Choi

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Youna is currently a third year UBC pharmacy student and Kitsilano resident. She collects succulents and terrariums. In her free time she loves to run, take photos, and jam out on her guitar.

Last modified: May 10, 2013

3 Responses to " Best Brunch in Kitsilano? We Begin at the Oakwood "

  1. Nazanin says:

    Regalade! Best brunch ever!

  2. Chezz says:

    Abigails Party is my fav – I recommend everything on the menu (except the waffles). Joe’s Grill is a close second for a classic diner breaky

  3. Chelsea says:

    I agree…the warm kale dish for breakfast was amazing! Will be back at the Oakwood for sure.