BMO Vancouver Marathon Comes Through Kits Sunday, May 5 With Road Closures


Last year, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the BMO Vancouver Marathon changed its course to take better advantage of what our city has to offer. But don’t worry it still works its way through Kitsilano.

This year, the marathon is on Sunday, May 5th and once again organizers are doing a great job connecting with the communities that the race passes through.

If you’re planning on watching the race on Sunday morning be sure to swing by your neighbourood Starbucks to pick up a customizable cheer poster.

If you’re not a fan and just want to avoid a bad case of road rage, be sure to remind yourself of the road closures which are included after the jump.

Point Grey/Kitsilano

8:30am-11:45am – NW. Marine Dr. from Chancellor Blvd. to 4th Ave. – CLOSED
8:30am-12:00pm – Belmont Ave. from NW Marine Dr. to Discovery St. – CLOSED
8:45am-11:30am – PARK ACCESS – Belmont Ave. & Marine Dr. – LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY
8:30am-12:00pm – Discovery St. from NW Marine Dr. to Jericho – CLOSED
8:45am-12:00pm – W. 4th Ave. from NW Marine Dr. to Highbury St. – ONE W/BOUND LANE CLOSED, E/BOUND LANES OPEN
8:45am-12:00pm – LOCAL ACCESS – W. 4th Ave. at Trimble St. – LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY
9:00am-12:00pm – Highbury St. from Point Grey Rd. to W. 4th Ave. – CLOSED
9:45am-11:45pm – LOCAL ACCESS – W. 2nd Ave. at Highbury St. – LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY
9:00am-12:15pm – Point Grey Rd. from Highbury St. to Trafalgar St. – E/BOUND LANES CLOSED
9:00am-12:30pm – Cornwall Ave. from Chestnut St. to Cypress St. – ONE W/BOUND LANE CLOSED, E/BOUND LANES OPEN
9:00am-12:30pm – Cornwall Ave. from Trafalgar St. to Arbutus St. – W/BOUND LANES CLOSED, E/BOUND LANES OPEN
9:00am-12:30pm – Arbutus St. from Cornwall St., to Ogden via McNicol to Maple, Ogden, Ogden from Maple to Chestnut – CLOSED
9:00am-12:30pm – MARINA ACCESS – Whyte Ave. & Chestnut St. – Marina Access only via Cypress St.

Last modified: May 2, 2013

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