Meet The New Bootlegger Denim Den At 2127 West 4th Ave.


Bootlegger is a national retailer that has endured the test of time. They opened doors on West 4th in March. Not everybody knows that Bootlegger is a 40-year-old company that began in Vancouver.

The retailer is known for offering moderately priced clothing for men and women. Their focus is on casual, current fashion, with a big emphasis on jeans, not unlike Mavi located across the street at 2112 West 4th. In fact they have “jeaneologists” on staff who will help you find the perfect fit. In addition to their in house line, you’ll find brands including Silver Jeans Co., Guess, Mavi, Big Star, and Buffalo; and up and coming brands like Miss Me, LA Idol and Affliction.

I have a soft spot for Bootlegger – working at one of their Saskatchewan locations was my first job! Well, I did have a very short stint as an engraver at a trophy shop, but it didn’t last long enough to count. Anyway, my style and fashion preferences have evolved from my days of working at Bootlegger, but the place still brings a smile to my face.

As you likely noticed, there is a lot of construction on West 4th right now, so they’ve postponed the big Grand Opening plans until there’s less to contend with. We hear sometime in May.

Bootlegger, 2127 West 4th, 604-235-1758,
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Last modified: April 21, 2013

4 Responses to " Meet The New Bootlegger Denim Den At 2127 West 4th Ave. "

  1. julia says:

    I didn’t know that bootlegger was a Vancouver original, unfortunately I let out a huge groan of disgust when it came to take up space on 4th. It doesn’t suit this area at all, have you seen the jeans and polyester tops in store…..terrible. Carrying the name brand Affliction says it all, unless you love the Jersey Shore look.

  2. Laura says:

    So maybe Affliction isn’t your deal Julia, but I wouldn’t agree with the fact that they don’t belong there. Also, lets not pretend that every store on West 4th likely carries something in polyester.

    I used to shop Bootlegger when I was a teen, and then forgot about it until my late twenties… like most people. I have been to the store on west 4th and I was really impressed to see that they’re all grown up, they aren’t like I remembered them (I thought they’d be for teens like Bluenotes still is), they have some really great well known brands in store like Guess, and Silver Jeans.

    I would recomend to others to take a second look, you might be surprised.

  3. Andrew says:

    The people who work there are so nice!

  4. chels says:

    Bootlegger is a welcome addition to the growing retail on West 4th. i diagree entirely with Julia (have you been to Urban Outfitters – now there is over priced polyester for you!). I think this home grown Canadian store is a breath of fresh air on a street full of Lululemon! The staff there are so lovely and fuss over my dog everytime i pop in! as a resident of 4th, welcome to the neighbourhood!