Best Chocolate Easter Eggs in Kitsilano? Try the S’more Egg at Chocolate Arts


1625_624039677611773_1375670172_nThere is no shortage of great places to get Easter chocolate in Kits – Purdy’s, Cocoa Nymph, Thomas Haas and Xoxolat come to mind. All of these Kitsilano chocolate shops boast excellent seasonal treats, but for me nothing comes close to the specialty eggs made by Chocolate Arts.

I am talking seriously decadent chocolate eggs, like the Caramel Cashew Egg (house roasted cashews, organic pretzels & a deep caramel in a dark chocolate shell), PB & J Chocolate Egg (organic peanut butter, milk chocolate & a bold housemade raspberry jam in a dark chocolate shell) and the S’more Egg (handcrafted vanilla bean marshmallow, organic graham crackers & chocolate sauce in a dark chocolate shell).


At $3.95 each, these eggs won’t be part of our Easter egg hunt, but I am confident the Easter Bunny will make sure to put one of each in my basket! For something a little unique, try their coconut lime chocolate eggs too (white chocolate, lime reduction & organic coconut milk ganache in dark chocolate egg shaped shells. Sprinkled with toasted coconut). Yum!

Chocolate Arts, 1620 West 3rd Avenue, 604 739 0475,

Photos: Chocolate Arts

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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