Grindstone Cafe Now Open – 2002 West Broadway at Maple


the-story-behind-grindstone-cafeI met a man from Oregon – land of espresso drive-thrus – who was fascinated by how many coffee shops Kitsilano has. He was even more amazed by the fact that they are all busy.

You can’t really walk more than a block or two at most in Kits without another place to grab a cup of java, but that didn’t stop Grindstone Café from opening their doors on Thursday at West Broadway and Maple, directly across the streets from the very popular Blenz coffee house.

Grindstone purports to be a European, puritan coffee house – no powders, no syrups, and a selection of espresso beans.  Sadly, I assume this also means no whip cream and no vanilla sprinkle shaker, but I bet they make a good cappuccino.  The café also offers house made sandwiches and soups.

Has anyone checked it out yet? Tell us what you think!

Grindstone Cafe, 2002 West Broadway, 604.732.0881,

Last modified: March 24, 2013

4 Responses to " Grindstone Cafe Now Open – 2002 West Broadway at Maple "

  1. Todd hancock says:

    The food was very fresh and the espresso beans that they use are top quality. Loved the place !

  2. Reggie says:

    I went to the grand opening – chai latte was delish and the sandwiches were awesome!

  3. Kits coffee says:

    Their website is not working, it will not load in firefox. Not good for a new business starting out.

  4. Taraneh says:

    It’s back up today!