Room 18 at 2042 West Fourth Forced to Close


Room 18 Restaurant & Bar, Vancouver, BC

Room 18 was a casual pub on West 4th between Yew and Arbutus.  I have actually never been, but know that it was popular amongst locals for their cheap beer and wings.  Reviews online tell the seemingly all too familiar tale of a Groupon disaster.  Unfortunately, following in the footsteps of Hell’s Kitchen, located across the street, Room 18 is closed.

Room 18, 2042 W 4th Ave, 604) 739-4674,

Last modified: March 23, 2013

One Response to " Room 18 at 2042 West Fourth Forced to Close "

  1. I had some great times at Room 18, but it was never my first choice of places to go on Fourth (Hell’s Kitchen usually was). For me, it’s only problem was it’s liquor license which required us to buy food. Sad to see it go. Forth ave has had a cloud of failure and exodus hanging over it for the last two years or so