Ironclad Art Contest: Leave Your Mark on the City’s Manhole Covers


Kitsilano participates in Manhole Art Contest

This manhole cover, that can be spotted throughout the city was designed by Jen Weih, the winner of the 2004 Art Underfoot contest.

Do you remember the delight of carving your initials in wet cement followed by the knot of anxiety that you might get into trouble for what you’d just done?  Well, thrill seekers, the City of Vancouver is now giving two lucky winners the chance to leave their mark on the city’s streets in the form of manhole covers. The contest is called the Ironclad Art Manhole Cover Design Challenge. The contest deadline is April 15

How Ironclad Art Manhole Cover Design Challenge Works

The City is inviting artists of all ages who live, work or go to school in Vancouver, to submit designs for manhole covers that reflect the City’s spirit, values and a vision for a sustainable future. Two winners, chosen by a panel of independent judges, will receive a cash prize of $2,000 and have their designs cast in iron and deployed throughout the city.

The contest deadline is April 15 and details as well as template for your design can be found at

And parents, may I suggest you don’t tell your kids about the contest until a Spring Break afternoon when you’re whipped after enjoying some of the great spring break activities in and around Kitsilano.  The prospect of winning $2,000 and having their art immortalized in the city streets for 100 years, could keep your kids busy and quiet for hours!

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Orla is mother to two girls, age 1 and 3. She takes full advantage of the great amenities for families in Kitsilano. Like most parents, she’s tired, but happy. Read more about her family’s adventures at, celebrating family and life in Vancouver. 

Last modified: March 20, 2013

2 Responses to " Ironclad Art Contest: Leave Your Mark on the City’s Manhole Covers "

  1. Connie Delcourt says:

    Could I please have your fax number as I cannot scan my designs for ironclad art contest, very much appreciated. It would be really great to submit my designs and have a chance to win. Thank you.

  2. Taraneh says:

    Hey Connie – You’re going to want to contact