Racy “Sex Talks in the City” exhibit opening at Museum of Vancouver on Valentine’s Day



Photo credit: Museum of Vancouver

Museum of Vancouver’s newest exhibit, “Sex Talks in the City,” opens today. The racy historical and cultural exploration of sex looks at sexuality over time, examining the controversies that have raged around subjects like women’s reproductive health and birth control in the city throughout the years. It also aims to tease out insights into how people in Vancouver learn about sexuality, define pleasure, and respond to particular politics.

Visitors can expect to gain context on the materials and stories they are exposed to every day – from online dating to safe sex ads to the pride parade. MOV says you’re going to leave the exhibit recalling the “birds and bees” talk you had with your parents and other such stories.

Sounds like good Valentine’s Day date entertainment. What do you think?

Find opening hours and admission prices here.

Last modified: February 15, 2013

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