Unbeatable $18 Dine Out menu at Nosh – Kitsilano’s new rotisserie



I’ve been to a lot of Dine Out dinners this year and everybody’s talking about Nosh – at 2585 West Broadway in Kits – as the unsung hero of the 2013 food festival. In other words, there’s great value for money. We broke the news about Nosh’s imminent arrival in December. The new rotisserie by Sandra and Tony Scott opened January 16, just two days before Dine Out started, no doubt escalating the buzz.

Nosh is offering an $18, 3-course Dine Out menu through February 3. I had the chance to try it with my family this week. It is well worth the blogger talk.

I’ll just get restaurant ambiance out of the way first. The spot is small-ish and, in my opinion, attractive with minimal wood-and-white, modern decor and red accents. It’s set up so you order at the counter. Servers will bring the courses to your table during Dine Out, but once the festival is over, the restaurant will eventually switch to straight counter service, wherein you carry your meal to your seat. The joint is, as I’ve mentioned, a rotisserie. They do source meat and veg with care, locally.  (Food porn after the jump.)

The Dine Out menu is simple and sweet. You have two starter options – a creamy parsnip apple soup or a salad with caramelized squash and salt-roasted beets. Since we were two, we tried both. It’s nice to see that the rotisserie is well-versed in veg and leads me to believe many will enjoy Nosh as a light lunch spot by day, when plenty of veg sides are on offer with hearty rotisseries sandwiches.

The aroma of slow roasting meat will whet your appetite as you wait for your main. I went for the rotisserie pork shoulder wrapped around sage and pine nuts. It was as tender as one could hope and the herbaceous, nutty filling hit the right note. The ever popular Brussels sprouts were perfectly crunchy. I’d order it again, except for the fact that I tried the ragu-braised short rib on paparadelle with crispy kale, which was a home run. My husband was loathe to share. But I’m quick…

Booze-wise, there’s Red Truck lager and IPA on tap. Plus three B.C. wines on tap thanks to Vancouver Urban Winery.

As for dessert, as tempting as the “spiced apple hand pie” sounds, it disingenuously comes with a fork. And the orange cinnamon rice pudding, served in a jar with a generous amount of cookie topping, is sheer grace. So go for the pudding.

I eavesdropped on other tables and Nosh is already well-liked. A couple of families dropped by to grab a whole rotisserie chicken while we ate in. The most popular lunch items are the BBQ pork banh mi and the braised short rib sandwich on sourdough.


Last modified: January 25, 2013

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