Vancouver Park Board to renovate Kits Beach tennis courts


tennis-vancouverVancouver Park Board is renovating Kits Beach’s beloved tennis courts this spring and summer, resulting in tennis court closure from April 2013 to fall 2013. Learn more about what’s going down on Thursday, January 24 from 4pm to 7pm at Kits Beach lifeguard office (1305 Arbutus Street).

According to the city’s flyer, the tennis court renovations entail constructing a new base, playing surface, drainage, nets, posts and fencing for the northern courts. The southern courts are getting resurfaced. They’ll also benefit from a new practice wall. The renovated courts will be the first city tennis courts to meet USTA international tournament standards.

Last modified: January 11, 2013

2 Responses to " Vancouver Park Board to renovate Kits Beach tennis courts "

  1. betty sison says:

    I just want to let you know for the last few days our weather was so nice , and yesterday we decided to hit few balls w/ my husband , after a while I slipped , I can see myself going down and hitting my face on the ground, to avoid it I put my left hand to protect my face , all I heard is a big boom .hitting my left side of face , cut around my cheek on top of my left eyebrow , bruise on my arm and shoulder and twisted my wrist , bruises on my knees and big cut on my foot and now I am wearing a sling can’t use my left hand , hard to do anything w/ just one hand . We contacted park board lots of times to improving our tennis court and clean it once and awhile for so many years but nothing is being done ,we were just ignored . I am not the only one who had accident on this court , so many of us because of the condition , please once again we are asking you to improve our tennis court that was been here for over 40 years and close to Mount Pleasant Elementary School by Guelph Park before any one else will have much terrible accident like my and whine up disable , Thank you so much betty

  2. Bill Barilko says:

    Betty-it’s not the Parks’ Board fault if you’re clumsy and fall over your own feet.

    Also-have you ever brought a broom down and spent 5 minutes cleaning up the court you’re about to play?

    What is it the prevents your being pro-active?