Maenam to serve family-style New Year’s Eve dinner


Maenam Thai RestaurantWhat are you doing for New Year’s? For those who prefer dining out to party hopping or falling asleep before the ball drops on the couch, Kits restaurants have some pretty great options.

Maenam is serving a four-course chef’s menu for $57.50 on New Year’s Eve, which I’ve posted below. As usual, Maenam has an option for vegetarians too, plus Thai-inspired cocktails. The family-style meal is ideal for sharing with other celebrants.

Stay tuned. More New Year’s Eve options to come.

Maenam, 1938 West 4th Ave. Vancouver 604-730-5579,

New Year’s Eve Menu 2012-2013

first course
oysters with cucumber-galangal foam hoi nahm jim ?served with ikura, lemongrass, nahm jim sauce


chicken and lobster in golden egg nets latiang ?caramelized shredded coconut, kaffir lime leaf, coriander

second course
hot and sour muslim spiced lamb soup sup hang gat ?braised lamb shoulder, orange zest, asian celery, vietnamese mint


hot and sour tamarind soup of grilled salmon tom gati plah ?coconut cream, good balance of the earthiness of tamarind and green mango

(for parties of 2 choose 1 salad, 1 stir fry, and 1 curry)
green mango salad with grilled albacore tuna yum mamuang pla tu na ??toasted cashew nuts, sliced green mangos, lime zest


sweet pork cheek salad yum moo wang ??coconut broth, mint, coriander, lemongrass


stir-fried lingcod with green curry paste pad cha plah ?pungent with turmeric flavours and aromas, holy basil, Thai basil


stir-fried baby back ribs pad prik king moo ?wild ginger, green pepper corn, 3 flavour sauce


red curry of duck leg geng pbet ?braised leg, kaffir rich curry, Thai basil


green curry of skate fish geng kwio wang plah ?kaffir lime zest, baby corn, wild ginger, holy basil

fried baby bananas ?our version of the popular street side dessert. Served with lime wedge and condensed milk ice cream


passion fruit?passion fruit tuile, salad, and ice cream

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