Oh, Tannenbaum! Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Kitsilano


2016 Update: Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in Kitsilano

I’ve seen plenty of cars heading home with a tree on top. But if you’re like me and you still need one, here’s where to go in Kits:

  • Kitsilano Secondary Christmas Tree Lot, 2550 West 10th Ave. (10th & Larch), 604-713-8961
  • David Hunter Garden Center, 2560 West Broadway, 604-733-1534
  • West 8th & Arbutus (in the vacant lot next to Rogers)

Also, Kits Market (1575 Yew St.), Safeway (2315 West 4th or 2733 West Broadway) and Whole Foods  (2285 West 4th) all have apartment-friendly, potted mini trees.

If evergreens aren’t your thing, so far this year I’ve seen Christmas trees built out of books and antlers. Another friend opted to purchase the tackiest fake tree she could find and spray paint it, for a more exotic Christmas feeling.

Where do you get your Christmas tree? Weigh in by commenting below.

Photo credit: Apartmenttherapy.com

Last modified: December 12, 2016

4 Responses to " Oh, Tannenbaum! Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Kitsilano "

  1. grayelf says:

    I’ve bought my tree for years at the lot that is located at Arbutus and 8th behind the Rogers store. The family that runs it are super friendly, and they offer free delivery. I like that they have a wide variety of species as well, not just the usual suspects, and they seem to have every size imaginable as well.

  2. Andrew Ferris says:

    I agree that the 8th & Arbutus lot is great place to both buy and return trees.

  3. Gaylin says:

    I made a ‘tree’ out of kids building blocks, mini ornaments, one string of lights, one round red base and a lot of work with a glue gun!
    I take it out of the box & plug it in, christmas tree – done!

  4. Taraneh says:

    Thanks, all. Adding the lot to the list.