Videomatica one year anniversary party at Zulu Records today


“It is incredible to think that it has already been a year since our pals at Videomatica moved in under our roof! I guess time flies when watching Portlandia…” says Zulu Records. Zulu celebrates Videomatica’s one year anniversary today with free cake and beer from 7-9pm.

Videomatica will show classic and trashy trailers on the big screen as well as Support Your Local Video Store, a web-series produced in part by Videomatica staff.

In May 2011, Videomatica closed doors at 1855 West 4th Ave. after 29 years. Then in October 2011, we heard the great news that the iconic Kits store would be resurrected a few doors down in another venerable Kits biz: Zulu Records.

Now that’s worth celebrating.

Videomatica in Zulu Records, 1972 West 4th Ave., (604) 738-3232,

Last modified: November 15, 2012

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