La Petite France to be replaced by a local coffee shop


La Petite France

Before there was Beaucoup, Thomas Haas, Simply French, Plaisir Sucre and Bagette & Co., there was La Petite France, a cute French bakery and coffee/tea house on Arbutus and West 10th. After offering a plethora of online deals (I even purchased a Team Buy and Living Social Deal for pastries), La Petite France has closed their doors.  The poster on the window advertises a local coffee house to be open soon.  Nonetheless, the French bakery competition in Kits remains steep.

Photo Credit: Urban Spoon (Famished Foodies)

La Petite France, 2655 Arbutus Street, 604-734-7844, website no longer active

Last modified: November 8, 2012

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