Pair Bistro at 10th and Alma closes after a decade


Pair Bistro has long been one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  The food, ambiance, price points and service have always been bang on.  The team at Pair Bistro were committed to local, organic ingredients with a menu that truly embodied Pacific Northwest cuisine.  For years, Pair Bistro has been my hidden little gem.

Knowing my love of the restaurant, I was recently given a $100 gift certificate to enjoy a night out but when I called to make a reservation the phones were dead!  After a decade, Pair Bistro has closed.   There have been mutterings that the closure is temporary but I haven’t been able to get any details.  Do any readers have the scoop?  As for me, I have just lost one of my favorite restaurants and a hundred bucks!

Pair Bistro, 3763 West 10th Avenue, (closed)

Photo Credit: Facebook (Pair Bistro)

Last modified: October 24, 2012

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