49th Parallel Coffee and Lucky’s Doughnuts to take over Kits Coffee Co. space


You asked and we found out. In response to the onslaught of curious reader emails, here’s what’s happening to the former Kits Coffee space, which closed after 17 years in business on West 4th.

From 49th Parallel’s PR rep:

“Vince (Piccolo) from 49th Parallel signed the lease on the Kits Coffee Co. space this morning. The space will be the new Kitsilano location and will also have a Lucky’s Doughnuts inside. Construction will start November 1, and they’ll be moving the cafe from the current location to the new one in early 2013.”

We’re all familiar with 49th Parallel’s current digs at 2152 West 4th Avenue. Most weekdays, I’ve had trouble finding a spot for a two person business meeting, so the expansion to 2198 West 4th Ave. is welcome.

Lucky’s Dougnuts is one of the best iterations of Vancouver’s current doughnut mania, by doughnut hol(e)y-woman Dawne Gourley. 49th Parallel and Lucky’s recently teamed up on a cafe location at Main and East 13th. This is their second adventure together.

Of course keeping with current it-food requirements, the doughnut ingredients are all natural and the doughnuts are made by hand. Lucky’s doughnut flavours include salted caramel, lemon bismarck, apple bacon, orange pistachio honey, sugar and spice, pb & jam, blueberry-filled square doughnuts and beignets, to name but a few. We’ve gone ahead and included some gratuitous food porn below. All photo credits belong to Lucky’s.

Last modified: October 19, 2012

2 Responses to " 49th Parallel Coffee and Lucky’s Doughnuts to take over Kits Coffee Co. space "

  1. C in Kits says:

    Please, oh please, can it stay open until ten? Other (drinkable) Kits coffee joints shut down around SIX, when the Power Moms have retired home from their yoga studios to feed their corporate hubbies.

  2. R says:

    @C well there’s always Benny’s and Calhoun’s… but it would become indisputably the best coffee-shop in Kits open past 7pm if it did.