Restaurant news: Why Le Mistral French Bistro closed


Le Mistral French Bistro was a Kits favourite. If not thriving, there was at least a robust clientele of loyal regulars. So when the restaurant closed doors this summer, readers started asking questions. The Vancouver Sun Word of Mouth blog by Mia Stainsby recently solved the mystery.

Jean-Yves Benoit, Le Mistral’s Michelin-trained chef, was in a bad bike accident caused by a drunk driver five years ago. He broke his back, shoulders, legs and suffered head injuries. He went back to work only five weeks after back surgery but found it hard to keep up with the busy pace a the restaurant over the last few years. So he’s finally taking some time off to rest up and heal thoroughly. His partner Mina, whom you may have met in Le Mistral’s front of house, is now working front of house at Yew in the Four Seasons.

As you can tell from our 2011 review of Le Mistral, we’re part of the Kits foodie posse looking forward to having the couple back.

Last modified: September 16, 2012

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