Get involved: The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


We’ve used the beach all summer. Now it’s time to tidy up.

Oceanwise and the WWF’s annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup takes place on Wedneday, June 19th, starting at 6pm.

Every year, thousands of Canadians comb the shores for litter, collecting 351,238 cigarette butts, 71,200 plastic bags and 39,308 bottles. Weirder items in 2011 included false teeth, a prisoner’s effects bag and a fully decorated Christmas tree.

All you have to do to help out is sign up here and then attend. The meeting point is just north of Boathouse Restaurant, off Arbutus Street. They’ll supply you with trash bags and gloves on site. Events fill up fast and there are several other cleanups happening throughout Metro Van throughout the week, if you can’t make it out on Saturday or if the Kits Beach Cleanup is full. False Creek, English Bay, and Iona Beach events also need participants. And there’s really nothing stopping you from heading out and doing it on your own.

Last modified: April 5, 2019

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