Obasan Organic Mattresses closes West 4th Avenue store


Obasan - Sleep Well, Live Well.

Obasan was a nice looking store offering organic mattresses and bedding. I have to admit that I always thought the location was a bit of an odd choice for the company. As a consumer, I didn’t think a mattress store would get significant value out of the walk by traffic West 4th lessee’s pay for.

I get the whole organic mattress thing. I like the idea and don’t need to be sold on the concept. Yet never once walking by Obasan did I think “Hey, I should pop in and pick up a $4,000 mattress.” I bet those who did are sleeping well.

Anyway, the store front is now closed but the business still seems to be operational online and in Ottawa.

Obasan Organic Mattresses, 2005 West 4th, Obasan.ca

Last modified: August 27, 2012

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