Sharing the crop: My neighbourhood CSA


When I first joined a CSA five years ago it was a relatively new concept. Today, CSAs have sprouted up across BC and those who haven’t already joined the bandwagon now know what it is (Community Supported Agriculture for those who don’t). In short, you provide small scale farmers with seed capital to keep them afloat and they provide you with a reasonable share of the crop, whether it is bountiful or a bust.

My farmer’s name is Emi Do. She is a Kits girl who is passionate about growing tasty veggies in a sustainable way. She runs Yummy Yards together with a group of young farmers in the ‘hood. With the loss of a turnip crop and a few other mishaps already this season, Emi is still learning about farming but her passion for the job is infectious. She also happens to grow the most beautiful kale I have ever seen.

Every Wednesday I get a big Rubbermaid container filled with all kinds of insanely fresh produce grown at multiple Westside locations. I pick up the box on foot and cart it home in the stroller from my CSA headquarters at Arbutus/19th – talk about minimal food miles! I love getting the box because it usually contains some produce I am relatively, if not completely, unfamiliar with – like lambs quarter and garlic scapes – or things I like but just wouldn‘t think to buy, like radishes. I admit that on extra busy weeks I hate it for the same reason but am always glad to have expanded my family’s veggie horizon. Lucky for me, my CSA also has the option of adding goat’s cheese handmade in the Southland’s, eggs , beer bread and local meats including Sleeping Mountain organic turkey thighs and pork from Gelderman Farms. Lucky for you, last I checked Emi was still willing to add a few more conscious, veggie-lovin’ consumers to our CSA.

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Last modified: July 18, 2012

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