Get a pair of Kitsilano-inspired flip flops


Would you wear branded clothing?  I didn’t think so. But what if we made it look cool?

Since our neighbourhood is best-known for Kits beach what better garment to start with than a pair of flip flops. has designed a couple pairs of flip flops on and we need your vote to see them go to production.

If either our Kitsilano Blue or Kitsilano White editions become top-voted designs on FlyingFlips, they’ll go to production and could be a kicking in a pair by summer. And you can feel good about buying a pair.

Giving-back is at the core of FlyingFlips as a philosophy for our business and the community we’re building. At the heart of our mission to give back is the Give-a-Flying-Flip program. For EVERY pair of flips you buy, we give a twin pair to someone in need!

Vote for your favorite design now. Is it blue or is it white?

Last modified: June 1, 2012

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