Aftermath of the Real Housewives of Vancouver premiere


Everyone is still buzzing about reality show Real Housewives of Vancouver, which broke viewing records with its April 4th Slice premiere. 1.2 million people tuned in. Let me confess from the outset: I did not watch it. I probably never will. But here’s a little break down of the media frenzy after the fact.

Most Real Housewives viewers fall into three categories. 1) People who already enjoyed watching the other versions of Real Housewives. 2) People who love Vancouver/Vancouver real estate porn and watched because it was their city 3) People who fall into both categories.

The reviewers were largely disappointed with the two back to back episodes. The criticism was somewhat amusing. Apparently the Real Housewives live in a Vancouver where it never rains and fur is an acceptable fashion statement even when filming in August. Interpersonal drama (the reason many tune into Housewives shows) was lacking. Perhaps due to Botox-frozen faces? As expected, these women exist on some higher plane of moneyed ease where terms like “gold-digging” pass for occupations.

In terms of Vancouver looking good on TV, rest assured, the city never looked better. The closest the Real Housewives came to Kitsilano was the Ferrari dealership on Burrard and a jaunt to Granville Island. Or so I hear. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Read the reviews for yourself and let us know what you think. Did you watch? Why or why not? Would you tune in again?

Vancouver Sun review
Inside Vancouver review
Globe and Mail review

Watch Real Housewives of Vancouver on Slice here.

Last modified: April 6, 2012

10 Responses to " Aftermath of the Real Housewives of Vancouver premiere "

  1. Gaylin says:

    In general, I love watching stuff that is filmed in Vancouver. The chances of me watching the ‘real’ housewives of Vancouver – ZERO.

  2. Chezz says:

    Love them all – guilty pleasure and pure entertainment. Vancouver lived up to the others in the franchise (and our city looked beautiful!!)

  3. Well if you saw it, you would have been shocked.

    I was really disturbed by the show and how Miss Represented women are in the media. I wrote this blogpost about it. I hope that people will create more dialogue about this show because it really was so sad and damaging in so many ways. Maybe it should have been called the Fake Housewives of Vancouver. Either way it was awful and should never have aired. SHAME ON the Real Housewives of Vancouver for MISS REPRESENTATION and SHAME ON SLICE.CA for airing it. Be sure to watch the video Miss Representation.

  4. Hey Kits Blog

    We film an RHOV unofficial after show at Aphrodites Organic Cafe and Pie Shop every Thursday.

    Check out our first episode here. We dish everything Housewives and crown a bitch of the week.

    We Love us some Housewives.

  5. Wayne says:

    @Kyle: that link tells us “This channel has no videos”. Your FB page says the show will be online on the 9th. Why such a long wait for a reaction show?

  6. Dontwastemytime says:

    You have got to be kidding???? What feeble-minded people watch this garbage? And WHO CARES what these people do anyways????? Not only are they ugly to watch, but also ugly to hear.

  7. Bad Publicity for Canada says:

    Really!!!! I thought it would be good to see smart savvy canadian women bringing something better to the table then the previous american ignorance. I guess NOT!!!!! Disappointed and embarrassed for portrayal of the weathly canadian women!!!!!!

  8. Catherine says:

    Money cannot buy class. Botox, alcoholism, lip implants, plastic surgery, neurotically driven behaviour; they are like the dark side of a Disney fantasy world. Unreal each of them. Feel so sorry for the children. Their lives and homes unmasked. Dangerous world and yet these faux women open up their lives and where they live to God knows who. Pathetic insecure girls posing as women. No depth, no nothing. Watched show twice and will never watch again. Nothing ‘real’ about the Real Houswives of Vancouver. Husbands must be a joke too.

  9. robin jerowsky says:

    I would like to know, how that Jody person servise.
    She is such a DREK..

  10. Native Vancouverite says:


    It was never my intention to give Real Housewives of Vancouver a plug! Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the impulse to blog.

    I also understand how the entertainment business works…where there’s DRAMA, people will follow. Slice’s producers are well versed in that aspect! It’s all about ratings and capturing a prospective audience.

    But the bizarro antics of the cast, is giving our fair city of Vancouver, a BUM REPUTATION. Real housewives do not behave in such an absurd and ostentatious manner. At least not in my neck of the city, unless they’re desperate attention seekers. Notice that their husbands are conspicuously absent.

    All the bitchiness, cattiness, evilness, obnoxiousness, outlandishness, pretentiousness, ugliness, vainglorious, vindictiveness, wackiness, and petty jealousies, are not good traits to possess.

    With some of their bank accounts; one should see their business endeavors come to fruition, flawlessly. Apparently, money does not equal brains or business savvy. Add gullibility and naiveness in the business sense to their character flaws. If I left anything out, my apologies to the readers.

    In regards to the cast…

    Christina appears to be doing the show for entertainment value and guilty pleasure. She comes across as the more sane of the women and plays the part of a semi-likeable gold digger. She actually looks like she would be fun to hang around, but I don’t do Botox.

    Jody, aka “The Rottweiller” needs to muzzle herself and her yappie wing-nut daughter. They’re giving Jewish women appallingly negative publicity.

    If she cannot handle concrete criticism or individuals critiquing her West Vancouver boutique, she literally has no business owning one. Cruella de Van – it’s called feedback and restaurants get it all the time. Some good, some bad, get used to it!

    Jody has zero fashion sense, so how can you take the pathetic dear seriously. A 50-year-old woman hiding behind her bad hair extensions and ridiculously big sunglasses. Need I say more.

    In reference to your comment wanting “to get Mary in a cubicle and stick her head in the toilet,” you cannot lie on camera without getting caught. I’m surprised she hasn’t had someone stick her mop top in the potty. Ronnie, the only cast member with actual balls, could add that one to her bucket list.

    Mary was bang-on: Jody’s clothing inventory does look like second-hand rags. Appropriate attire for scaring people on Halloween. Seriously, who really cares if she sells second-hand duds.

    On the bright side she does charitable work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, her only redeemable quality.

    Mary seems to be the victimized woman and running with a sadistic crowd. She needs to get out before its too late and they eat her alive. She should seriously think about finding a new group of girlfriends, that aren’t certifiable.

    I commend her for raising awareness for tuberous sclerosis, her son suffers from the disease. Must be difficult.

    Dump the negative karma, those offensive social misfits, masquerading as real friends. Christina and Mary should start their own campaign: “Stop Inhumane Cruelty/Treatment to the Underdog Housewives of Vancouver.”

    Reiko, with her stable full of fancy cars could feed a large portion of starving people in Africa.

    Jay Leno has a more extensive collection of automobiles that leaves yours in the dust. I don’t see him bragging. Over the top bragging rights can be viewed as a vulgar slant on being rich.

    It’s branded all over the internet, she’s married to a notorious gangster and drug money bank rolled her lavish lifestyle. Obviously, the Slice network didn’t do their research/homework properly in the screening process or turned a blind eye. Yes, 20 years has past but skeletons come out of the closet when you’re in the public eye, big time.

    I’m not sure how the women’s children will survive some of the fall-out of negative publicity in the end. Doesn’t matter how much you try to shelter your kids from the storm of controversy. Wonder if any of these selfish women have given any thought to the relentless and sometimes damaging impact of doing reality TV?

    Ronnie, although she may have some admirable friendship qualities, is work in progress. My heart sympathizes with her story about her disabled daughter.

    I think deep down there is probably a good person lurking inside, but I don’t feel she’s done with rehab. I’m not referring to the new label of her wine. I may be interested in partaking in a bottle of Rehab with my real good friends down the road; if it ever comes to fruition.

    Reality TV is hit or miss. Viewers either love it or hate it. Time will tell if Slice hit another one out of the ballpark.

    Ronnie clean up or pay for the damn balls being hit into the ocean. You need to take responsibility for your own tennis court. Environmentally polluting is totally uncouth as one blogger mentioned in her post.

    Where the Real Housewives of Vancouver are concerned, it’s painfully hard to watch women flaunting their money and being so miserable towards each other. With all the grandiose problems in this world…these small minded women need to get their act together! Oh wait, it makes for better entertainment to see trainwrecks in action!