Kings Head Inn closing tomorrow after over 30 years in Kits


Kings Head Inn, the Yew Street institution of cheap suds and live music, is going out with a bang. According to their Twitter action, New Year’s Eve is their last night in business after a 30 year run.

This means cheap drinks will be cheaper and the party will be, in their words, a “blow out” event. Plus there’s going to be some prime Yew real estate up for grabs.

The Kings Head opened in 1973 and was one of the the first restaurants in Kits. The interior features a chandelier from the original Hotel Vancouver, and oak paneling from the original Eaton’s Spencer Building.

Kings Head Pub, 1618 Yew Street,

Last modified: December 31, 2011

3 Responses to " Kings Head Inn closing tomorrow after over 30 years in Kits "

  1. Sully says:

    Hopefully someone will make that place work. Don’t count the Kingshead out!!

  2. Dave says:

    What is wrong with people? Some of them have a lot more money than sense. I’m all for ambition and trying to make a go of a business, but please think about it before you sink your cash into it.

    There was something about the King’s Head that was different and therefore attractive as an alternative to anything else in the area. It filled a gap. Now there’s a sign up for ‘Wings’ Tap and Grill, assuring us that it’s all ok as they’ll be open soon. Look around people; The Local on Cornwall is killing it. ‘Down on Yew’ closed, as they probably couldn’t compete. The tapas place before it – failed. Rossini’s, after so many years in business – failed. Coincidence? I fear for the Sunset Grill after their ‘flood’ (the same fate suffered by the doomed Rogers video store next door).

    Chewies is doing well, but it’s a different offer to The Local. Same with Abigails Party (though I don’t know why… it’s overpriced). Whoever has decided to do this with the King’s Head needs to stand back and take a look around and realise that they can’t compete with The Local. I hope I’m wrong, for their sake, but I won’t be surprised if it’s closed in a year.

    That aside, I’m actually pretty pissed that they’re doing this with the King’s Head anyway. It’s symptomatic of what makes Vancouver bland and what’s wrong with a lot of the bar culture in this town. No character. This place is going to be bland and generic, a clone of other crappy generic bars in the city. It used to be a real alternative to the generic chain-style of The Local, with character and that feel of a local institution.

    Must try harder.