Two new butchers now open in Kits



A few years ago the culinary world began a fascination with artisan bread. Much to my delight, we saw artisan bakeries pop up everywhere. These days, the obsession is with meat. Lucky for Kitsilano carnivores, two new butchers have opened in the past few weeks – The Honest Butcher and Pete‘s Meat Butcher Shop & Deli. While the butchers share their distinctions, the same way Market Meats and Jackson’s on West 4th do, they have one very welcomed similarity – ALL the meat sold is locally sourced in BC. Read on the get the details on neighbourhood newbies The Honest Butcher and Pete’s Meat Shop & Deli.

The Honest Butcher (West Broadway and Trutch) takes the local element one step farther by paying careful attention to not just what the animal eats, but how they are treated during their lives. They also ensure that the whole animal is used, appealing to the environmentalist in all of us. Anyone who has read The Compassionate Carnivore, a popular book amongst locally focused foodies, are bound to make this place their go-to butcher. A simply decorated, hip shop with cool tattooed butchers and beautifully cut “feel good” products, I will definitely be back!

Pete’s Meat Butcher Shop & Deli (Arbutus and W12th) has a vast selection of products and the option to enjoy a made-to-order sandwich on the spot, which is very appealing. My neighbour, a self-declared foodie and serious carnivore, tells me their prime rib is the best in the city. As someone who lives and works in Kits, a new place to grab lunch is certainly welcome.

Can Kits support four butchers? Tell us what you think and which is your favourite.

The Honest Butcher, 3209 West Broadway, 604-733-2220,

Pete’s Meat Butcher Shop & Deli, 604-730-1661,

Last modified: December 12, 2011

4 Responses to " Two new butchers now open in Kits "

  1. Steve holloway says:

    I found this gem of a butcher shop a few weeks ago. The store at pete’s meat is clean and very well stocked. Since opening the butcher has been stocking his shelves and meat cases with some delicious goodies! The butcher is very friendly and has a vast knowledge about all of his meats and cuts. Ive especially liked trying his homemade sauages if you havent tried his bison blueberry you’re missing out. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

  2. Diana says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting both establishments and have been impressed not only with their wares, but with the owners themselves. Two guys who care about their customers and the product they sell. I live a couple of blocks from Pete’s so have been there quite a bit more and have nothing but good things to say about the meat I’ve purchased and the service I’ve received. Yay meat!

  3. Phil says:

    Great to hear about some more Butcher shops opening in Kits. I’ve been a faithful Jackson’s customers for over a year now because I hadn’t found anything else that came even close. Options are good!