Last chance for a summer fling with Nimby Burger


Nimby burger and dooblay with hand cut fries, a strawberry milkshake and a chocolate milkshake.

This weekend is your last chance to grab a dooblay, hand cut fries and a shake from the too cool for school Nimby Burger stand and head down to Kits beach. Nimby Burger is open through September 5. The Dog Days of summer are over, but the sun is shining and it’s a long weekend–i.e. a perfect picnic scenario.  If the thought of losing Nimby in a mere three days has shattered your world, never fear, the burgers/shakes/fries will still remain on LOCAL’s late night menu.













Nimby Burger, 2210 Cornwall Ave.,  (604) 734-3589,

Last modified: September 6, 2011

One Response to " Last chance for a summer fling with Nimby Burger "

  1. Cassandra says:

    Went today and found the fries cardboard-like and greasy and the burger rather tasteless. The sauce helped, but I guess the old saying goes….don’t look/put a gift horse/burger in the/your mouth.