Renovations ahead for Connaught Park


Connaught Park (the grassy expanse on West 12th Avenue between Larch and Vine ) will be renovated in order to rank among Vancouver’s Grade A playing fields. The park’s sports fields draw athletes from three neighbourhood high schools, a community school, the Meraloma Athletic Club, not to mention constant casual use from the sporty Kits community and their pets.

The essential upgrades will be rolled out over two phases, which will unfortunately result in lengthy closures. The fields will be closed twice for as long as 18 months each time as grass takes root. The cricket field, fastpitch diamond and soccer pitch will close from now until the fall of 2012.

The total cost of grading, a new sprinkler system and improved drainage will hover around $760,000. Because of budget restraints, the upgrades are not scheduled simultaneously as everyone, including Drew Sagar and park board chairperson Aaron Jasper, ideally would prefer.

Last modified: August 28, 2011

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