Rookie fireworks can leave you underwhelmed, but Vancouver’s annual Celebration of Light which started two decades ago is the real deal.

Seven tons of fireworks are set to blast across Vancouver skyline over three nights, starting this Saturday, July 30.

This year’s Celebration is presented by SHORE 104.3, and is titled the “Battle Of Champions” with three feisty nations duking it out for the title. The line-up is: China (July 30), Spain (August 3) and Canada (August 6).

Given that China is the country with the first documented use of fireworks in the 7th century, there should be enough rambunctious pyrotechnics at Saturday’s light show to get the most jaded skygazer’s heart thumping.

But there’s more happening than the basic boom and shimmer. Each night, SHORE 104.3 will simulcast the accompanying fireworks soundtrack beginning at 10:00pm. If you prefer live music, drop by a SHOREfest stage location (listed below) and check out the bands. There will be three stages–two of which are in Kits.

Here are the details you need to see the Celebration of Light:


1) 104.3 SHOREfest at The Rogue Stage by the Maritime Museum. This stage will feature Leeroy Stagger, Kevin Kane (of Grapes of Wrath), The Sojourners and more, starting at 7:00 pm.

2) YVR Community Stage in Kitsilano featuring the SHORE 104.3 Song Search 2011 Top 10 & 2010 Song Search winner Zaac Pick. Stage located between Kits Pool and Kits Beach along the concrete walkway, music starting at 7:00 pm.

3) Vanier Park has a clear line to the sky over English Bay without the blowing sand.

4) Hadden Park is a sweet little nook with a view.

5) Kits Point has plenty of runway space to spread a blanket and break out the snacks.


Saturday, July 30 | Time: 10 to 10:25 pm |  Country: China | Theme: “China Storm”

Wednesday, August 3 | Time: 10 to 10:25 pm |  Country: Spain | Theme: “Odyssey”

Saturday, August 6 | Time: 10 to 10:25 pm | Country: Canada | Theme: “Then and Now”

Last modified: August 5, 2017

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