Photo essay: Sunday at the Kits Farmers Market


Motivated by sustained sunshine, I dropped by the Kits Farmers Market, open Sundays from 10am-2pm, to take care of the weekly grocery shopping. I wasn’t the only one. The lot was buzzing and the bicycle valet parking was almost full. It’s my first experience with bicycle valet, and although I chuckled when I first heard about it, it’s a luxury I could get used to.

Food carts including Icy Fresh Pops, Roaming Dragon and the Bean Buggy had constant lines. The surrounding grassy areas were speckled with picnicking/napping locals. I didn’t lunch, but shopped for biodynamic cherries and organic zucchini, which were about the length of a little league bat.

The raspberries and huckleberries looked fantastic. The kale was a cheerful rainbow.

Add a fiddle to the mix and it surely beats a trip to Costco.


Kits Farmers Market, May 22-Oct.23, 10am-2pm, 10th and Larch.

Last modified: July 25, 2011

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