Join the “Vancouver Bust Out” at KHATSAHLANO!


I can’t dance, but I’m still stoked about “Vancouver Bust Out,” which will take place July 23, at KHATSAHLANO! The West 4th Music + Art Street Festival. The choreographed street dance party is organized by Lululemon educator and Just For Fun Dance Party founder Thea Gow-Jarrett. Thea has made an instructional video with “bust out” dance moves and she wants you to participate. By participate, I mean shake your can.

How it works:
1) You watch the choreography ahead of time and practice the moves.
2) You can even meet up with other dancers at Lululemon to practice. (schedule below)
3) On July 23, in the midst of the KHATSAHLANO! festivities, 500+ Vancouverites will all bust out the same moves at the same time.

Thea is crackerjack at mass dance movements. She’s done it at friends’ weddings. She even got 3,000 people to flash mob on Robson during the 2010 Olympics.

“It’s an opportunity for Vancouverites to get together and create a unique and hilarious experience. A ‘bust out’ is like a flash mob but it’s NOT a secret. The goal is to engage with our greater community and do something just for the sake of fun,” Thea said in the Lululemon blog.

Like I said: I have no dancing skill. I once flirted with the idea of swing dance class and nearly had a nervous breakdown. But Thea’s video is not intimidating. She makes it simple…and…well…fun. So be brave! I plan on standing somewhere in middle.

Joining in:

Learn at home w/instructional video (Choreography for the Vancouver Bust Out) or attend practice sessions with Thea. Stay tuned for more on the exact timing of the “Vancouver Bust Out” on July 23. According to the Facebook group, it will be scheduled shortly.

Practice sessions:

Wed., July 13 from 8- 9pm @ lululemon West 4th (2113 W 4th Ave)
Wed., July 20 from 8- 9pm @ lululemon West 4th (2113 W 4th Ave)
Fri., July 22 from 7:15- 9:15 @ Semperviva Kits Beach (2201 W 4th Ave)

Last modified: July 13, 2011

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