Iconic Hollywood Theatre to close this weekend


Kitsilano.ca foretold this ending in March and now the Vancouver Sun confirms it. The iconic Hollywood Theatre, a long-loved neighbourhood entertainment venue, has been sold and will close after this weekend.

It’s sad news to be sure. We’re going to miss the graceful, art deco building and budget double billings.  But manager Vince Fairleigh, whose family has owned the movie theatre ever since its 1935 opening, plans to go out in style. This weekend he’s showing Italian Oscar winner Cinema Paradiso, which he relates to, because it’s basically his life story. For the full weekend movie roster, visit the Hollywood Theatre website.

Cinema Paradiso, 7:30 pm Friday, May 27 thru Sunday, May 29.

Hollywood Theatre, 3123 West Broadway, Hollywoodtheatre.ca

Last modified: May 30, 2011

4 Responses to " Iconic Hollywood Theatre to close this weekend "

  1. Chrissy says:

    The Hollywood Theatre was a Vancouver staple. I spent many a incredible evening up in the balcony, watching cheap double bills. She will be sorely missed. I hope everyone gets out and celebrates this great old theatre one last time this weekend!

  2. Karinkits says:

    This is sad-my favorite theatre. We always sat up in the front row of the balcony-so great to have leg room!

  3. Andrew E says:

    Very sad. We used to go there every week, but now that we have kids, it is something like every other month. It always seemed crowded to me, but I guess running a movie theatre is expensive.

    I wonder what will take its place. It is a big space. Perhaps another theatre? One can only hope.

  4. Jill says:

    It was 1949 when I saw my first movie at the Hollywood. My big sister,Vicki, took me to see Hopalong Cassidy!! 15 cents for the movie, 10 cents for popcorn. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!