The Broadway Corridor: call for public input into rapid transit


Now’s your chance to have a say in Vancouver’s next transit system, as TransLink’s rapid-transit project to the UBC moves to Phase 2. TransLink hosted a public consultation at UBC last night to present the options to residents and discuss the best fit for the community.

TransLink has published details of all seven UBC Line alternatives online, showing the potential routes, station locations and how Kitsilano’s West Broadway would be transformed.

The alternatives include two versions of light-rail transit (LRT), a SkyTrain-like rapid-rail system and a combination of the two. Also on the table are options for new and improved buses. The light-rail and bus rapid-­transit systems would see the Broadway corridor undergo a huge facelift, with changes to parking, traffic lanes and station esthetics. The improved stations would also be larger and located within street rights of way, while bus and LRT lines would run in dedicated lanes.

West Broadway Street integration - typical four lane segment

Don’t worry if you missed last night’s consultation. Three more public consultations are planned with two in Kitsilano next week – April 5th at Kitsilano Secondary School and on April 6th at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church.

Last modified: March 30, 2011

4 Responses to " The Broadway Corridor: call for public input into rapid transit "

  1. Paulo says:

    I like the LRT option with dedicated right-of-way. Much cheaper, more stops, and better integrated into the local communiity.

    Certainly, both LRT and tunnelled Skytrain are both better than the bus-way option. Ugh.

    I am surprised that tunnelled LRT is not considered as an alternate to using the expensive SkyTrain technology.

  2. Neil Young says:

    Let’s kill two birds with one stone:
    – LRT Transit to UBC
    – Slow down the deadly speeders on 10th

    Bring the line out from Commercial, via Broadway, turn on Fir, and head out 12th/10th. So sweet….

  3. R says:

    I think RRT is the best option. LRT causes a lot of pedestrian and car accidents in other cities.
    It would also make more sense for future expansion to have RRT put in.
    Either above street level or below. Of course below street level being the more desirable option, without them cutting and covering.

  4. X says:

    An extension from VCC clark station to UBC is the best option. This should happen after the extension to Coquitlam is completed. One continuous line from UBC to Coquitlam will benefit lots of people.