Kits Apartment reno blog gets mainstream coverage


The story of a well documented condo renovation in Kitsilano got some great press today in the Vancouver Courier.

Kits resident Lauren Roberts is blogging about her renovation of  her 1972 Kitsilano apartment on Meet My Ugly Baby. Roberts paid between $325K and $350K for the 750-square-foot second-floor apartment and she plans to flip it in 367 days.

Roberts is detailing their adventure of transforming a dismally passé Kitsilano condo into a pad worthy of a profitable bidding war that will give them a leg up on Vancouver’s “ludicrous” property ladder.

“We’re equal parts OCD to ADD and hope to chart our path from quotidian to chaos with as much mirth as we’ve got,” the 27-year-old Roberts writes on her Meet My Ugly Baby blog.

Visitors to Meet My Ugly Baby can scrutinize “before” shots that expose an entranceway carpet of an indiscernible hue, harvest gold kitchen appliances, mirrored wall features in the living and dining room and metallic and flowered wallpaper, inlaid with mirrors and stretches of textured fabric, that graced one bedroom wall.

Last modified: February 10, 2011

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