Kitsilano green housing project comes together this weekend – literally


This Saturday and Sunday a crane will arrive at 3351 West 4th Avenue to lift into place 12 giant pieces of an intricate puzzle that will become the MONAD condominium project, one of the first multi-story modular housing projects in the city of Vancouver.

The ‘building blocks’ for the project have been built in the climate-controlled Preform-CASA factory in Surrey while the building’s foundations, basement, retail level, parking and elevator structure were being constructed on site.

The highly efficient pre-fabrication process greatly reduces waste and the use of natural resources. MONAD showcases innovative contemporary design that combines sustainability, smart urban infill, a high degree of livability and flexibility with excellent built quality.

We’ve been told that the work gets underway at 8:00am both days.

Last modified: January 14, 2011

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