Gordon Campbell rivals eye possible by-election in Vancouver-Point Grey


Mel Lehan

The Georgia Straight reported today that the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Kitsilano” Mel Lehan will be tossing his hat into the ring again when outgoing BC premier Gordon Campbell’s Vancouver-Point Grey constituency goes to by-election. Lehan will be running as a a New Democrat candidate.

Campbell has hinted that he may step down as an MLA after his party chooses a new leader on February 26th. According to Lehan, a by-election could be held as early as August if Campbell vacates his seat in February.

In the May 2009 provincial election, Lehan fell 2,314 votes short of defeating Campbell. Green candidate Stephen Kronstein garnered 2,012 votes and also plans to run again.

Last modified: January 13, 2011

3 Responses to " Gordon Campbell rivals eye possible by-election in Vancouver-Point Grey "

  1. Heinz says:

    I’m fairly certain a cantaloupe in a top hat could defeat Mr. Campbell in the next election, not to minimize Mr. Lehan’s cred. I look forward to voting for Mr. Lehan again and am optimistic he will do a better job than our current MLA.

  2. Andrew E says:

    Mel is very approachable and friendly. I like what he has done with the Kits farmer’s market. I think he would make a good MLA and represent our riding well. However, I am going to find it hard to vote for the NDP given how badly they’ve played the opposition party in the last few years. Sorry Mel, but unless you can convince your party to make significant changes in its structure, I will most likely be voting for Stephen Kronstein in the next election (assuming he’s running again).