A Christmas Tree To Far? Apparently not for this Kits homeowner


Home Suite Home at the corner of West 7th and Cypress

What do the fire fighters, Christmas lights and Cypress Street have in common?

Francois Milly and Petr Plevak.

At least, that’s what the neighbours must have been thinking when they saw Petr outside trying to construct his new Christmas concoction Monday. You see, for years Francois and Petr, owners of Home Suite Home guest suites on the corner of Cypress and 7th, have been building some of Kitsilano’s most “quirky” Christmas displays, to the delight of their guests and passers-by alike.

This year’s project was no exception. In fact, after a heated argument with Petr — who didn’t want any help — Francois called up the local fire department to see if they could aid somehow in the erection of their 28-foot Christmas Tree. Four fire fighters showed up 5 minutes later carrying ladders. Within a half hour, the VFD left with a “substantial” donation to the Burn Fund, and ¬†Francois and Petr had the feather in the cap of their latest Christmas display.

As a former art director for local TV and film, Francois has always had the “most interesting yard on the block,” say neighbours. His garden is filled with eclectic sculptures, exotic contraptions and quirky artifacts from his old TV and film sets. “Beauty comes from blending these crazy things,” says Francois in his heavily accented English. Picture a rusting four-foot globe, a statue of Jesus and a cowboy-hatted mannequin juxtaposed with one another, and you begin to get a sense of the chaotic “beauty” that Francois creates in his Christmas displays.

If only he could find some quirky Christmas Carolers to sing along with his display — he’d be set. If you know any, let him know. He’s a sucker for a good cause.

To see Home Suite Home’s Christmas display, visit the corner of Cypress and 7th in Kitislano any time over the next few weeks.

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Last modified: December 7, 2010

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