Best Pho on the Westside


Pho Royal Restuarant

Pho Royal Restuarant @ 1855 Burrard Street

For those Kits folks, myself included, who want a good bowl of Pho without the commute, this is the place. It may not the best Pho in Vancouver… Far from it. But compared to your other options when you’d rather walk than drive, the food is good, the prices are reasonable and the couple that runs the restaurant is delightful.

My biggest pet-peeve with Pho is poor quality beef, but from my dozen or so experiences here, I am happy to report that the beef has always been good and the soup remarkably consistent. And as we all know, consistency seems to be a difficult feat for most local Vietnamese restaurants.

If you want outstanding Pho, head East. If you want a solid bowl of soup without leaving the neighbourhood, you will be pleasantly surprised here.

Last modified: November 16, 2010

3 Responses to " Best Pho on the Westside "

  1. We’ve been here, and it wasn’t very good, at all. That was a while back and we haven’t given this place a second try.

    I would suggest heading just to the Eastern side of Granville for better pho or head to Mintleaf Cafe on Stephens/4th for some bahn mi (viet subs).

  2. j.b. says:

    Mintleaf Cafe closed down