Sun’s Mia Stainsby give Kitsilano Daily Kitchen 4 Stars


The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby wrote up the Kitsilano Daily Kitchen this week and she’s a big fan.

Chef Brian Fowke of Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

It’s the sound of one hand clapping and I do believe it’s mine. Kitsilano Daily Kitchen has been open for about six months. The food is good, but there’s little buzz. And that’s in a town so restaurant-alert that when some-thing’s good, there’s normally a thunderous stampede.

I wondered if perhaps it was the star-crossed location where restaurants in the past have gone in, only to be spat out. After a couple of really good meals there, I thought it deserved the sound of more hoof beats.

The chef/owner is Brian Fowke, whose last endeavour, Metro, closed earlier this year. At Daily Kitchen, he’s returned to an intimate scale. He’s capping reservations at about 30 people a night and that certainly can put the buzz on mute. He’s on his own in the kitchen and is in total control, cooking every dish.

And he’s like a guerrilla chef: He shops daily, returns to the kitchen and then makes up the complete menu of four appies, four entrees and desserts. He then posts it online and tweets it out.

Do yourself a favor and read Stainsby’s review, check out Chef Fowke’s daily menu on, follow him on Twitter, and look out for his new iPhone App.

Photo credit: Arlen Redekop, Vancouver Sun

Last modified: November 11, 2010

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    The Kitsilano Daily Kitchen iPhone App is now available: