Kitsilano Workout to close?


Word on Twitter is that Kitsilano Workout on West 4th Avenue is closed until further notice.

Kitsilano Workout to close?

Last modified: November 4, 2013

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  1. MB says:

    Went there last night, looks pretty grim. Told the same thing ‘closed until further notice’.

    Regretting saving the HST and paying until July 2011, ugh.

  2. steve says:

    They were super shady owners to start with Lesly and her husband, watch your direct deposits, cause they will bone you.

  3. Nikki Layton says:

    It is always sad when a gym does close. As Owner at Momentum fitness at 8th and Burrard we would love to help anyone that is looking for personal training or small group classes please check us out we would love to help you stay fit

  4. Rob says:

    Rather than delete the last two potentially fake comments, I thought I should point out that Gwen and Maryanne wrote these comments from computers with the same IP address. Very suspicious.

  5. K says:

    Kits Workout is done. I’ve been a member for over 2 years. I found out this morning that members’ credit cards are being charged today for another month.

    If you were a member there, better give your credit card company a call.

    Love or hate Kits Workout, most of the staff there were great, especially the long-timers.

  6. Julia says:

    Does anyone know where Norm who used to teach at Kits Workout is going to be teaching?

  7. beez says:

    Leslie Arnold writes for the Chicago Gyms Examiner.

    Leslie Arnold comes to us from Kitsilano Workout, the premiere fitness center in Vancouver, B.C. Leslie founded the facility in 2000, and the club now boasts over five thousand members. One of the original female boxers, she fought and coached for CABA, the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association for over ten years. More recently, Leslie has trained many high profile athletes and she is currently working on codifying her own personal training method. She lives with her husband in Chicago, and her five children are schooled in both Chicago and Vancouver.

    Perhaps that is where one writes to her if our accounts are still charged.

    Also would like to find out if another gym is opening there or not…as I would hold off joining another gym since this one is the most convenient for me.

  8. Teresa says:

    As a long time member I’m definitely going to miss Norm, he was the greatest. But I’m completely pissed that the monthly pre-authorized fee was taken out of my account on the 29th. The bank tells me that they can not stop the pre-authorized payments coming out in the future. It looks like I’m going to have to close the account and that makes me furious. I hope the owners of Kitsilano Workout rot in hell.

  9. beez says:

    Leave a comment on the Chicago Examiner article that she wrote…I did! Perhaps she will read it and do the right thing.

  10. Beans says:

    There is a notice posted on the door with the following information:

    Shmuel Temple
    Cell: 773-597-7381
    Address: USA, 2637 W. Coyle, Chicago, Ill, 60645, Phone: 773-846-5412

    Also, some of the instructors have started Facebook Pages (just search Kitsilano Workout on Facebook).



    And other instructors have their own sites:

    Ocean (Monday 9pm yoga):
    Chris (Yoga +Hip Hop):
    Tova (Yoga):

    I also recommend trying Steve Nash Sports Club (on Granville). It is more pricey and not in Kits, but it’s a top notch facility and worth considering if you are looking around anyway.

  11. Tommy says:

    Oh my! This twitter account: kitsilano_news

    Is tweeting: Heads up Kitsilano, it was brought to our attention that may have a serious virus that will harm your computer. DO NOT CLICK!

    I wonder who owns that account.

  12. Simon says:

    Yep. They also just tried to charge my cc for a monthly due on the 29th of September. Called up my credit card and they say as of right now it’s not a charge, just a credit hold and for me to check back in a few days time to see if the charge has been charged through.

  13. Gem says:

    Yes kit workout is closed and it will be missed by many. However by some it was great opportunity chance to moan and groan about how bad it was.If it truly was as bad as you say why were you still a member??
    I was there for 4 years and did my best to make it as good as i could, considering the circumstances.
    I agree it needed money spent on it, but it is my opinion that a gym is a place you go to work out, and it can be what ever you make of it.
    For those of you that took this as an opportunity to make a personal dig at myself…shame on you!! If my personality was not to your liking perhaps you could have been a little less passive aggressive and approached me on the matter, maybe there was good reason, it is not always easy dealing with many people and their personalities too!
    Kits workout was due to close 2 years ago before i stepped up to the plate and tried to do my best to keep it open so all the folks i loved seeing everyday had great place to train and a great place to get classes.
    Kits workout will be missed and for those of you negative folks out there, think of this as a positive, you will have a whole new place to complain about!

  14. Gem says:

    oh and just to add, to all those that made nasty remarks about myself and the kits staff. we all worked very hard at kits and our efforts were, for the most part,unnoticed and unrewarded.
    Perhapes you folks should take a minute and remember that you may have lost your gym (as horrible as you said it was) but we all lost our jobs and were given the same amount of notice as you.

  15. Gwen says:

    Way to go Gem, good for you. I appreciate all the work you did. It’s impossible to please everyone. Hope to see you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. AP says:

    To all those that are having issues with pre-authorized bank payments coming out – you can have your bank do a “stop payment” on your account. They will block any payment coming out from Kitsilano Workout (costs $20 though)

    If you have your membership fees come off your credit card every month then you can do a chargeback – call your credit card company and explain that they were fraudulently taking payments as they are now closed for business.

    Be careful, I have heard of dozens of people that are having payments taken out of their accounts or off their credit cards.
    The owners of Kits workout are poor business people and I hope karma comes back to bite them in the a**

  17. FB says:

    Join the Facebook group: Kitsilano Workout: Save It!

  18. Former member says:

    It came as a huge shock to me to learn that KW had closed. I always saw the club as a Kits institution. Sure it had its issues cosmetically and the floor was a massive problem. I was a member there for three or four years and enjoyed the community feel of the place. Hopefully something else replaces it because the location was second to none. Unfortunately the administration of the club was terrible – this is no slight against Gemma, it has been in a sad state since Joe died and the current owners acquired full control.

  19. Judy Rudin says:

    Hey ALl,

    If you are interested in learning about the closure, how we might be able to get it reopened (under new owners) and how to protect yourself as fitness consumers, please visit and sign onto our Facebook group page: Kitsilano Workout: Save It! The community is there and there is a lot of e-mails flying around.

    Just started up 2 days ago and will be posting as news comes in—have been taking to the landlord and lots of info in and still to come.

  20. Fred Irvine says:

    I do not know how Gemma Doyle was with other persons but she was unfailingly polite and courteous with me. I never heard her use the F word (not that it would have bothered me) and I think she did a good job under difficult circumstances with limited resources. I think she left the gym cleaner than she found it, hired some great desk staff (and I never had any problems with the previous staff; they just were not as good as Nicole and Mallory). She arranged to have classes given by instructors that those members who did classes liked, whatever he opinion may have been as to the members format for the classes. Gemma struck me as a person with strong opinions that were not easily changed, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    I happen to know that she lost several thousand dollars when the gym closed because (I am told) of a bankruptcy filing. A bankruptcy filing is something that normally happens as a last resort when a proprietor is in extremis as to debt obligations relative to the ability to pay them. I am not concerned about finding somewhere else to work out (I worked out in several places) but I do feel badly for the trainers and staff who worked there and for instructors who (given the realities of a bankruptcy situation) will probably go unpaid for the month of September.

  21. Fred Irvine says:

    I guess I should add in response to what I just said (and in relation to Gemma Doyle’s second posting) if it is any consolation to Gemma, the staff, the trainers, and the instructors it is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. That is rule number 1. Rule number 2 is that you cannot change rule number 1. Put in other terms, life is unfair and one has to deal with it.

    Best wishes for the future to Gemma, Nicole, Mallory, and the various trainers and instructors who were at Kits Workout.

  22. Gwen says:

    I’m reading this blog and agreeing with Fred’s comment “life is unfair and one has to deal with it” No one is happy about the situation, particularly those that have lost money and their job but it is what it is. Stop bashing everyone and move on. It does you no good to be so negative. It’s a sad week for Kitsilano and I will always miss Kit’s workout but people make your choice and get on with it. I did and I’m adapting quite well. I’m not willing to give up my workout just because someone might be periodically reminding others about proper gym ettiquette at my new gym. Every minute you waste in joining a new gym, you’re getting fatter. That’s reality. If everyone put as much effort into their workout as they do tearing a new a@#%h%&e for eveyone involved, we’d all be ripped by now.
    btw, I think most of the comments came out of spite and anger and they are deliberately trying to hurt people that they don’t even know.

  23. Kay says:

    I am really going to miss Kits workout. I thought the staff was awesome and I loved the classes, especially Gemma’s! You rock! If Gemma is at a new gym in the Kits area, let me know because I would join it just for her class.

  24. Judy Rudin says:

    Anyone who is interested in what is happening with Kitsilano Workout, please check out the members-run Facebook group page: Kitsilano Workout: Save It!

    I have been talking to the landlord. There are interested parties looking at re-opening our gym. I know that many members have not yet signed up at other gyms, so check it at our fB page for developments

  25. RP says:

    I’m interested in buying the gym, but i don’t think its for sale

  26. js says:

    hi, I went to Denman Fitness downtown. Free trial class and they have really good step – it’s like Fitness Group step for those of you who remember. The parking was free downstairs. Not too far if you like choreography!

  27. tori says:

    Judy Rudin, I am not a facebook member and I cant find any way to get onto your save the gym site.I am not interested to join there any way I can access it?

  28. Krys says:

    It’s funny to see the haters hating on Gem. I’ve had her as a PT for over 2 years now and she’s been great! Yes, she can be crude, and yes, she is loud, and if you were wrong or a moron, she would let you know in no uncertain terms. I can, however, say without a doubt I have never had a PT that has been more interested in my physical fitness and progress and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I don’t go to the gym to have someone stroke my ego and make me feel good. I go to train and train hard, and Gem has motivated me without fail each time.

    I have also watched her work her ass off to keep KW running, sometimes pulling 14 hour days without OT. She’s come in on her days off to fix problems, dealt with pissy miserable customers with an overbloated sense of self-entitlement for little problems like the music that’s being played or complaining that an instructor is sick, and more!

    KW’s rates were excellent, their equipment was decent, if not always kept up to date, and like any gym, stuff gets broken or stolen and would be fixed or replaced when funds allowed (I’m assuming here). Unfortunately the owners seem to be all about the money and did all the wrong things when shutting down KW.

    Kitsilano Workout could have been a world contender with the right owners, and I for one am sad to see it go. I’m glad to know that Gem has another gym that will work with her and I hope they understand what a great asset to their gym she will be.

  29. jks says:

    Can anyone give me the full story of what happened?? It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve just found out that the gym has closed. What’s going on?? Yes, Kits Workout has its problems–just like any other facility–but I’ve sure been there a while and it’s worked for me. Is there any chance someone or something will replace it?

  30. Jay says:

    I’ve been going there since 2003. I have to say other than a few nice people that worked there, they way they ran that business was a joke. I have been double billed so many times I can’t even remember. Now that the gym is closed I just got charged for another month. I would advise anyone else to call there banks and get them to stop these un-authorized charges from a company that clearly doesn’t exist anymore.
    I will miss the gym too but ya know what I hope they get burned bad for they’re thievery. Time to move onto bigger and better places anyways. Bad karma coming there way for sure.

  31. Fred Irvine says:

    It says there are 58 comments concerning Kitsilano Workout but only a few comments from today (October 2) appear. I think some who posted comments yesterday had something interesting to say; is it less so today? What happened to the others; or where are they?

  32. slant6 says:

    Does anyone know where Leslie Arnold lives?

  33. Rob says:

    @ Fred Irvine – Apologies. For some reason WordPress was not displaying the first 50 comments. There are all being displayed now.

  34. RP says:

    Yes, they charged me Sept. 27th for October. I called the bank who issued the credit card. They said you would have to contact the owners to stop the preauthorized payments, especially if there is a contract. The company provided me with a number listed for Kits Workout. It was a long distance phone number; I left a message. I would like to look into buying and fixing up the gym if the price is right, but I don’t think i would want deal with this type of owner who continues to charge clients for a closed gym.

  35. beez says:

    RP: my credit card company told me to make a hard copy of the statement kits workout has on their website stating the gym is closed. Then it can be faxed to credit card company and they can do something about it.

    perhaps if you feel comfortable doing it you could leave the number you have so others can request on the long distance number to get their payments stopped.

  36. slant6 says:


    Yes the present owners are complete scum, but someone with a little know how , could do great with the gym. It had so much potential. The only problem is how do you shake the stigma of Leslie Arnold?

  37. Don says:

    If you just want a place to workout with weights and a bit of equipment (more will be ordered) check out Creekside Fitness Centre at the Olympic Village. 2 hour street parking on the street (for now) and not very busy. A small space and facilities are not the greatest, but they offer a variety of ways to pay.

  38. J. says:

    Yep, credit card charged 28Sep. What kind of bush league operation does this kind of thing?!

  39. Krys says:

    @lockman – one of my best friends was an employee of KW and I can assure you: no one working there had any advance warning of what was happening; they were as blindsided as you and I. From what I understand, employees are being stiffed for their vacation pay as well, although that might be something that hasn’t been worked out as of yet.

  40. Bill Barilko says:

    If someone is concerned about ongoing CC payments from a defunct company they should phone their CC company and report the card lost.

    They’ll be issued a new CC# and life will go on.

  41. Judy Rudin says:

    @tori, yes you can just log onto Facebook. Go to their “search’ bar and put in “kitsilano Workout: Save It!

    You won’t be able to comment if you don’t sign up but at least you can see what is going on. We are covering all rumours, facts and consumer concerns there. the more the merrier—especially since thereare some seriou investors dealing with the landlord on the space.

  42. RP says:

    The CC company told me if I would cancel my card (which I suggested or threatened to do) they – Kits workout – can still charge my account. I don’t know how that works, but I was told to call the CC company’s dispute department to get the payments stopped if I can’t resolve it with the owner of the gym.

    Beez: I called that number a few times, and the voicemail indicated it was another female, not “leslie’s” phone number. Also tried the number posted at the door at the gym and emailed them. This was before I knew we were still being charged; I was trying to get a hold of someone to see if the business was for sale. My point is that I don’t think we will get a response either way, but if you want send me your email, I can send you the number.

  43. RP says:

    Also, thanks for the info “beez”! Any info counts, although $24 isn’t much to me, it’s the principal. What righteous person would ripoff long term clients or employees.

  44. Ariana says:

    I am also a memeber of Kits workout, my bank account was charged my october fees on Thursday as well, I only found out the gym has shut sown on saturday morning.
    I work in bankruptcy nad recievership as a profession, here is the deal with the auto debits.
    * All auto debits are processed via a third party ( this goes for all debit card and credit card transactions)
    * if the gym is in the hands of a trustee (does anyone know if they are?) the trustee would not have been able to put a stop on all direct debits within the few days between the close and the debit taken.
    * Once the trustee addresses the issues, it can take up to 6 weeks for the direct debit contracts to be null and void.
    What I recommend:

    Print offa copy of the notice that is on the Kits website stating they have been shut down
    GO to the bank and ask for a stop payment and retrieval of funds (bank ccounts and credit cards)
    *Dont let the bank tell you youhave to do this through the vendor…its your money, your account, if you no longer want to pay that is YOUR choice, you are the only person that can make that decision and enforce it through the bank.
    *Keep an eye on your account over the next few months, sometimes stop payments only last for the month then default back.
    If anyone knows who the bankruptcy trustee is for kits workout, please post as this needs to be adressed to the trustee, if everyone contacts them it puts more pressure on for them to legally stop our deirect debits.
    Hope this helps
    Im off to Fitness world cambie, I negotiated for a price match memebership with no joining fee, and with all classes included (some of their specialty classes like yoga and zumba are an extra charge?)

  45. beez says:

    RP: Thanks. I will probably get a new credit card if charged again. I have left a message at the blog that I found Leslie wrote for at and I hope she sees the comments, but it looks like she hasn’t written on it for several months, worth a try though.

    I had been at Kits BEFORE they even opened. Leslie used to be hands on and we talked all the time. When her relationship at that time ended and she began her new one, living in Chicago, having kids…she lost track of others and how to run a business it seems.
    Very selfish business practices. I, too, cannot understand their treatment of clients and employees. Hope all of this is resolved soon.

  46. beez says:

    I called Visa and was directed to the Resolution Dept. They now have filed a dispute for services not rendered. It will take about 4-6 weeks to see a credit back but they said if I see another charge in Nov. to phone and they will add that to the dispute. They will be contacting the bank that Leslie and her caring husband deal with to notify them of such.

    Also, my charge usually came out on the 15th…but they waited till OCT 1 WHEN THEY WERE CLOSED AND GONE!!!…Told that to visa also and they said it was apparent they knew what was coming and wanted to get a last dig in.

    Slime…Leslie and her husband have shamed their community (of which they are apparently quite powerful in…$$$$)…

    I have seen the Husband at a certain place and might see if they know how to get hold of him. (though I am sure they will protect him and not give out info)

    Good luck everyone! (oh, I joined FW…it is clean, lots of equipment, no pressure was put on me, joined for a one year and got 3 months more for free, parking free, 2 hours etc. And Gail and Norm will be dong their classes there)

  47. CB says:

    Leslie and her husband need to step up to the plate and refund those folks (like me) who prepaid, not that I expect they would ever consider doing that. I had prepaid way too far in advance and now am totally screwed out of those funds. Karma IS going to be a bitch for these 2 and let them be vary wary of being seen in Van anytime soon. They have a few new enemies in the hood.

  48. beez says:

    Hey all! I just did this! Considering doing it too!

    Kathy Tomlinson was the CBC reporter that wrote about Leslie and her horrible billing practices in 2008.
    So I just sent a note to Ms Tomlinson suggesting she do another story as there is an update to original story.
    Told her of the closing and how everyone is still being billed and banks etc are not being overly helpful to stop this.

    Perhaps we should all write and she will get on this story.
    There is a page where you can reach her (by filling out a form on the right side of the page)

    I think if she gets a few requests she will consider it!
    Trying to be proactive!

  49. steve says:

    please tell me where lelies husband hangs out?

  50. MVE Cleaning Service says:

    Hi all I’m the maintenance/cleaning guy from kitsilano workout and i have $7078.80 outstanding that hi has not pay me, i’m really screwed here can someone give me any suggestions as how can i get some of my money back. thanks

  51. beez says:

    MVE Cleaning: you should join facebook and join the group Kitsilano workout: Save It!

    I know you might not want to, but there is information on there that might help you with your questions.

    You can at this point file a civil dispute. It is simple to get the form at the law offices downtown, but you have to find a way to serve them.

    Leslie Arnold and Samuel Temple address:

    Address: USA, 2637 W. Coyle, Chicago, Ill, 60645, Phone: 773-846-5412

    Good luck, and I am sure others will have ideas to tell you…

  52. JRoc says:

    UH OHHHHHHH……Looks like Karma just woke up and is gonna be doing the rounds soon!

  53. insight says:

    Gem knew!!! she had told someone that they stopped taking money out of accounts awhile back….. dont fall for the sympathy gig……

  54. Sheila says:

    For those members who are missing the 6:30am classes, Tanya, our Monday morning instructor is now teaching a Wednesday 6:20-7:15am Early Riser class at Kerrisdale Community Centre. Although it is not the step class that we all liked so much, three of us went today and enjoyed a good workout with Tanya.

  55. Fred Irvine says:

    It is official, or about as official as it can be. I just saw on CBC television at 5:30 (Wednesday, October 6) a story about continuing (October 1) Visa charges by Kitsilano Workout, The story stated that the gym closed on September 27, 2919 and made a filing in bankruptcy.

    ut I think it is the case that payments made after the filing must be refunded by the Trustee in Bankruptcy. Of course, if you pre-paid for a fixed term (perhaps to avoid the HST or save money) rather than paid on a monthly basis you are just another unsecured creditor and are out of luck.

    Fred Irvine

  56. Tanya says:

    Thanks for coming out to my class this morning, Ladies!
    It was really great to have some familiar faces there

    Tanya ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. black99S says:

    After 25 years at the Fitness Group and another 5 at Kits Workout I’m wondering where the remaining hardy souls of the ‘6:30am social club’ are ending up?

    There is a dearth of earIy morning spin / yoga / step / ball / workout classes available – though I read (above) a few hit the Kerrisdale Community Centre to see Tanya. Steve Nash club has all their early morning classes at extra cost. Maybe the future is destined for purgatory and self driven workouts in community centres whilst wondering how Deb’s grandchildren are faring in life…

  58. Kits dude says:

    I would only go to his gym if he paid me a $99. membership fee and $50 per month for a min. of two years… Ron, this is my offer. Please let me know and I can get you to sign and I will give you my account details.

  59. gymless in Vancouver says:

    hey everyone,

    here is a little info that might help you out. i’m trying to find some facts as there seems to be a LOT of rumors going around as is to be expected in a case like this.

    The trustee for the bankruptcy of the gym is a company called ‘Todd MacMahon’. A gentleman named Ron MacMahon is handling the KW account. The number there is 604-697-8800. For those of you owed money big or small (cleaning guy from previous post!) this might be a good start for you to file yourselves as creditors and hope to get something back.

    as a few others have mentioned, I have also heard that there is up to 3 other gym companies bidding on the space of our gym right now. I, for one, am going to hold out for a month or so to see what happens and probably keep hitting the community centre in the meantime…maaaybe try FW. i really just want our gym back and don’t want to go anywhere else.

    Not sure if this helps any of you either but the owner of the building is a company called Westbank Projects ( The do extremely high-end projects so for now i’m going to hope for the best that some good will go in there sooner than later. Don’t forget, they are losing revenue each month that goes buy from their biggest renter.

    ‘RP’ if you are serious about looking into buying the gym business then i would highly recommend contacting the building owner. now that bankruptcy is happening leslie is no longer involved and everything has been turned over to the trustee and the courts. hopefully this will be a blessing in disguise and a newer better gym company will come in there!

    i have also found out that leslie and her husband are living in chicago and have no intention of coming back here to face anyone…pretty damn cowardly. i feel terrible for the employees nevermind the rest of us ๐Ÿ™

  60. CB says:

    MB-you were the first one to post-you prepaid to 2011.
    I did the same thing. I just called visa to find out that even though we prepaid way back when, they can get your outstanding funds back. They asked that we send a picture of the signage in the window at the gym, and fax it to them. You need to call VISA to open a dispute file, and off you go.
    Good luck!

  61. Don says:

    For your information – I just found out about a Steve Nash offer. You can see the ad at 24Hours Sept 30 page 35 At the calendar at the top left, select the Sep 30 issue, then page 35

    2 weeks free for Kits Workout members, no enrollment fee, and a monthly rate dependent on your use. No frills, no class option gives a monthly rate of $29 forever.

    The club I went to didn’t know about the ad, and they will try to upsell you. Best to take a copy of the ad with you, and also request the $10 off monthly fee offer in October.

  62. pixie says:

    I spoke with the owner and she said that no payments for months after September should be withdrawn. Apparently she’s the only one with access to do so (it’s done manually not automatically) and she is no longer in possession of the computers. The landlords of the property now own the computers, but don’t have the codes.
    Now, could this be false? Sure. But she was sympathetic on the phone and I still like to think that people are basically decent.
    I don’t think paying the bank to stop paying someone else makes much sense, so if you’re still wary I would just change your bank account number.

  63. Spinner says:

    Does anyone know where Brooke went for spin classes now?

  64. Gina says:

    My payments were coming out on the 3rd of every month, and nothing was taken out for October. Sounds like what Pixie heard is probably correct.

  65. Gina says:

    My payments were coming out on the 3rd of every month, and nothing was taken out for October. Sounds like what Pixie heard is probably correct. Though I’d like to know that my credit card info has been deleted from their system.

  66. LittleBirdie says:

    I have prepaid contract. RBC Visa would not do anything without official proof of bankruptcy. It’s 8$ to do a search of the records on the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Here’s the results so others might be able to save the 8$.

    Kitsilano Workout Ltd.
    Estate #/Court Number: 11-1369325
    Estate Type: Bankruptcy
    Date of Proceeding: 2010/10/05
    Appointed Trustee: Todd McMahon Inc.

    Visa couldn’t confirm what they could do, they’ve opened a file and are looking into the options.

  67. MVE Cleaning Service says:

    PIXIE did you say you spoke to to lesly, what no# did you rieach her

  68. Don says:

    If you want a copy of the official bankruptcy certificate issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, call Jennifer at Todd MacMahon’s office at 604-697-8800 and she can email you the complete document.

  69. SNK53 says:

    I became a member of Kits Workout after Fitness Group closed. Kits Workout had great classes and I made some really good friends there. People were friendly (unlike what others have said), front desk staff was cordial (except for one and we all know who that was) however my problem with the gym was that it was dirty and the equipment was old and often broken. I was waiting for the day I showed up at 5am and the sign was there that it was closed and that day finally came. I now belong to Steve Nash Fitness World and have to say it is a great facility/company. I’ve been to 12th/Cambie, Arbutus/Broadway and 610 Granville St. The facilities are clean, the eqmt is great and the only thing I miss is the 6:30am early morning classes and of course the people who attended them. Having said that, I’ve seen alot of familiar faces at Arbutus/Broadway Fitness World. I didn’t like the way Kits Workout closed with no notice and then took our dues out on Sep 29, pretty bad. I was fortunate enough to have my bank reverse them and try and get them back which isn’t likely now thta a Receiver is involved.

  70. hughjarse says:

    I really wish that someone would accomodate these poor souls from kits workout because I’d sure hate for them to join my gym. It was mostly a place for bouncers and stippers from what I know

  71. CB says:

    Hi all
    Timing is perfect for this closure. Marketplace-CBC show-is doing a bit of research on gyms across Canada that are “rip offs”.
    Check this out. Fill out the survey…lets get these guys on the radar!

  72. Refund says:

    I got my September fee that was charged to my credit card back from Visa!! Justice prevails!

  73. Anonymous says:

    is leslie single?

  74. Fred says:

    I used to work at Kit’s Workout many years ago. The original owner died (Joe).

    Leslie and her husband took over even before Joe’s death. Leslie and her husband are orthodox Jews. I used to see her husband come in dressed in the religious garb with pig tail hair-do and everything. He would always bring his dog with him. The mutt was the stinkiest thing I ever smelled. And all this happened about 7 years ago!

    Bottom line… never, ever pay for a gym membership.

  75. Fred says:

    Seriously, all you gym rats could buy the equipment and use it in your own home. The only reason you gym monkeys spend their dollars for membership is because you are STOOPID, And you like walking around thinking that other people are checking you out.

    Give your phucking head a shake. You are an IDIOT if you spend money at a gym. I can’t stress this point more clearly. You are a moron who likes to throw away their money. You are an IDIOT!!!!

  76. P says:

    @Fred, you need to relax…some people: a) don’t have the space; b) don’t want to maintain equipment; and c) like the social atmosphere in a gym (and I don’t mean “walking around thinking that other people are checking you out”). Not everyone wants to work out alone…

  77. Kitsilano work out never paid me for a month and a half over $7000.

  78. RP says:

    YMCA is a good gym, but is very expensive. Anyone have any suggestions? For the person above who mentions “gym rats”, not everyone has a house or the money to build a gym.

  79. RP says:

    I should of took the 29 per month at fitness world when i had the chance lol. thought it was too busy there but at least parking is free and they have good equipment.