Cutting Your Coupons Online


A new trend in the social media world started up early this summer and in the past 5 months online group buying sites are popping up everywhere. Good news for Kits residents – many of these sites are featuring Kitsilano specific deals. If you get on board to this new trend you stand to save yourself some serious dollars.

The concept, although simple, was a perfect formula for businesses trying to draw consumers indoors post Olympics and on the heels of a hard hit recession and allows consumers to get a great deal (50-80% off in most cases) at a click of a button.

With so many deal sites out there which ones get you the best deals in Kits?

One of my favourites – which we regularly feature the deals of on is Grooster. Why I like this site? For starters, Grooster is founded and operated locally here in Vancouver. Having that local touch means not only do they have their pulse on the hottest restaurants, spas and activities we want deals at but almost more importantly, I like that the founders are local and are supporting other local businesses.

Groupon often supports Kitsilano businesses with some of their past daily deals including Semperviva, the Winemaster and the Cellar. They are arguably the biggest player in this online buying game, based in Chicago, they offer deals in over 90 cities across North America. Ethical Deal, launching next month, is a great option for those only wanting green, sustainable deals.

Other options including Wag Jag and Social Shopper I keep my eye on, but they don’t seem to offer Kitsilano based deals as often as Grooster does. Visit their site today to sign up for free and start checking out the deals for yourself. Happy shopping Kitsilano!

Last modified: August 17, 2010

5 Responses to " Cutting Your Coupons Online "

  1. GB says:

    There’s also LivingSocial. I bought a good deal for a month of unlimited yoga at Bikram Yoga (in Kits).

  2. Tim Stringer says:

    I’m a big fan of Groupon as well and use this one regularly.

    Another iPhone app I’ve used is Clip Mobile. The app is free and there’s not need to purchase the coupons. Just launch it and it will let you know what deals there are in your vicinity. To give a specific example, I used it a couple of times at Choices Marketing in Kits and save a total of about $35.

  3. Tim Stringer says:

    That should have read “Choices Market” and the app is available through iTunes:

  4. Aly says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the mention! We will definitely be featuring businesses in Kitsilano soon. We just launched our first deal and it’s been on fire ever since. We are also Vancouver based and look to serve the Vancouver public with the deals they actually want! So if anyone if looking for a specific business to be featured please drop us a line at