Kits Beach to be smoke-free starting tomorrow


All Vancouver beaches and parks will be smoke free, starting Wednesday. Vancouver Park Board commission Ian Robertson says smoking will be banned because of extremely dry conditions.

The ban is an “early warning” because it effectively advances the implementation of a permanent smoking ban that was due to begin in September. The full smoking ban covers all parks, beaches and outdoor park board facilities such as golf courses.

In April the Vancouver Park Board approved a smoking ban in the city’s parks and beaches effective September 1, 2010. As a result of a unanimous vote at their public meeting, Commissioners made amendments to the Parks Control By-Law to prohibit smoking in all 224 parks including trails, playgrounds and fields, and 18 kilometres of beaches.

Last modified: July 27, 2010

6 Responses to " Kits Beach to be smoke-free starting tomorrow "

  1. Ashless Chap says:

    Obviously, only the timing is about fire hazard. It’s more along the lines of “abuse a privilege, lose a privilege.”

    Oh, relax. It’s not like people are going to stop smoking on the beach, any more than we will keep our dogs on leashes or refrain from bringing other banned substances. But maybe…just maybe, smokers will begin to take all their butts with them when they leave – and not just the ones covered by their cutoffs.

    I speak for all of us whose sense of smell is still intact (unabused by years of smoking) when I say it would be so nice to find a spot that doesn’t feel and smell like I’m lying in an ashtray. It’s a fools dream, but I always was a fool… Thanks for trying, Parks Board!

  2. Bill Barilko says:

    People who smoke are people who stink!

    Off With Their Heads!

  3. Steve says:

    Build little plastic smoke shelters (unventilated of course) just off the beach for the ever-declining mass of die-hard smokers. They can puff away to their heart’s content in their inhalation of their own smoke as well as each exhaled breath of their comrades. Because they really do deserve their place in our society after all.

  4. Kitsboy says:

    Bunch of whining f*cks. Dear God, help us. If you could at least piece together a coherent, gramatically correct sentence or two. Chrissakes… “…in their inhalation of their own smoke…” Wow, crackerjack, that’s awesome writin’! Are you a big, dumb jock by any chance? Wish I knew what you looked like so I could be sure to blow a nice lung-full of smoke your way if I ever ran across you, you twat.