The 3rd Kitsilano Car-Free Block Parties Day


On June 20, 2010, the third Kitsilano Car-Free Block Parties Day will be taking place. At block parties across Kits, neighbours have the opportunity to come together and enjoy a day of car-free streets and community. Individual blocks in Kitsilano can organize small-scale street parties to have fun, and get to know their neighbours in conjunction with other Vancouver-area car-free celebrations.

If you are in the area bounded by Wallace St. to Burrard St. and the seaside to 16th Avenue, here’s how to host a block party:

The first step is to get the paperwork done. The City of Vancouver requires two forms be completed before it will allow the street to be closed off. First, the party organizers need to go door to door and obtain signatures on the city’s “Sign-Off Form” from their website (PDF). Notices with information on the block party can be left for those who are not at home. Second, the party organizers have to complete a block party application form (PDF) which shows the streets of the block party. These two forms are then sent to the block party organizing committee.

Then you can plan with your neighbours for a great party. Food, music, games, children’s activities, dancing and whatever ideas your group comes up with can be part of the festivities. Neighbours can volunteer some of their skills or abilities such as playing music, organizing street hockey, or fixing bikes.

On the day before the party, barricades will be delivered to block off the streets for the festivities. Block party hosts can also post signs along the street reminding people not to park on the street during the times of the party. Then when the party’s ready to start, put up the barricades and have fun!

To start, check out the City of Vancouver web page devoted to the topic of throwing a block party. You can also check out the block party toolkit created by the Kits Car-Free Block Parties Day organizers for further information and ideas for creating a great block party. If you’d like to hold a party this year, please contact the organizers at

Last modified: June 1, 2010

One Response to " The 3rd Kitsilano Car-Free Block Parties Day "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    A new definition for lame-down ‘hoods like Commercial Drive and Main Street close their streets but Kitsilano goes for the feeble and the bland-to be expected I suppose.

    Let’s hope some world smashing yoga wear manufacturer/entrepreneur/guru offers area merchants baksheesh to close 4th Ave thus rescuing Kits residents from their inanity.

    We should be so lucky.