Simpatico Ristorante gets a makeover


Like many on the West 4th Avenue hilltop, I’ve been wondering what’s been up with Simpatico Ristorante being closed along with signs of busy workers. Being curious, I decided to have a look.

I poked my head into Simpatico last week and talked to the pleasant mother of the owner. She said they have been doing renovations as her son wanted to give the place a new look.

From what I saw it’s going to be a very impressive looking renovation to this long time resident Kits family run eatery. Inside it’s going to be more open with new sitting where the door and hallway was. The bar area will be wide open and J shaped to that new sitting area. The new sitting area will have full length doors opening to the sidewalk.

The west side of Simpatico will be divided into two. A north and south sitting areas with white arches of stone as a divider between the two areas and a divider to the east where the new entrance is more to the center of Simpatico Ristorante. The west side will still have the doors opening to the raised flowerbed and sidewalk.

Overall it’s a stunning Mykonos look that is going to have both sides of the front of the ristorante open to the sidewalks that will add some real character to the hilltop.

Reopening around the end of the month.

Last modified: May 26, 2010

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