Wine for the … People?


Here’s a little something from the front page of Saturday’s Vancouver Sun that everyone should be aware of:

To compensate for the decrease in taxes on liquor with the implementation of HST the BCLDB is raising the already huge liquor markup from 117% to 123%. That’s right, you pay well over double than your american counterparts due to this sort of taxation.

Check out the Vancouver Sun article.

Last modified: May 23, 2010

One Response to " Wine for the … People? "

  1. momo says:

    I can see why heroine and weed are so popular in Vancouver – you have to be a millionaire to get a decent drunk on, while you can be homeless and afford a fix. Do people around here not realize that you can buy 6 beers in the States for the price of 2 here?
    Hey, I’m not an alcoholic or anything, I rarely drink at all, but you really have to ask why in the world is even the poorest of piss poor beer so expensive in BC. Would it kill anyone if a gal could get a can of PBR for a dollar around here?