Kits Pool open for summer of 2010


kitspoolThe weather might not be ideal for swimming outdoors but this weekend the Vancouver Park Board officially opened its bathing beaches for the season and this includes the Kitsilano Pool. For those of you new to the neighbourhood, Kits Pool is the only salt water pool in Vancouver and one of the few in the world.

At 137 meters (150 yards), it’s Canada’s longest pool – almost three times longer than an Olympic pool.

To accommodate every type of pool-goer, the pool is divided into three sections, each running lengthwise: a shallow section for families and small children, a middle section of roped-off lanes for lap-swimmers and exercisers (the lifeguards are tenacious in keeping the lanes clutter–and kid—free), and a deep end for more casual adult and teen bathers.

The keeners were lined up for the 10am opening yesterday but the rest of us will likely wait until summer finally arrives. Here’s the 2010 Kits Pool schedule and don’t forget they host swimming lessons as well.

Last modified: May 23, 2010

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