Semperviva adds a 5th Kitsilano Location


The popular Kitsilano yoga company Semperviva has recently added a very central 5th location to its downward dog empire. Titled their “Kits Beach” studio it is located on the corner of W4th and Yew which was previously home to Coast Mountain Sports (now on W1st). I recently attended a Hatha class at this new location and I say welcome to the neighborhood! I loved this bright new studio. It is clean, airy, welcoming and has enough mat space for even the most popular weekend class.

On May 15th Semperviva is kicking off a 40 day yoga challenge which challenges yogi’s to take a minimum of 30 classes before the 40 days wrap on June 23rd. With 6 six forms of yoga teachings: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Power, Prenatal and Yin Yoga and 145 yoga classes offered each week there are times and styles to keep you motivated through the 40 days.  If you haven’t checked out Semperviva this challenge could be just the thing to kick start your yoga experience.

For information on pricing and to sign up for the 40 day challenge check out their website at

Last modified: May 12, 2010

2 Responses to " Semperviva adds a 5th Kitsilano Location "

  1. Melanie Holtz says:

    The new Semperviva Kits Beach Studio is one of my favorites. It’s gorgeous, spacious and lets in lots of natural light. Almost feels like practicing outside. Love it.

  2. darren says:

    Great story behind the story…and a great company. Congrats Semperviva! (although we’d argue that the new location hasn’t ‘recently’ been added as the author above states)