There’s A New Delikatessen in Kits: Ploeger


Known for more than 50 years as one of the best that Germany has to offer, Ploeger Delikatessen comes to Kitsilano.

A family operated business handed down from generation to generation this specialty food shop offers unique snacks as well as delicious take-out dishes for home, office or the beach…

There’s also a high quality selection of grocery items combined with fresh produce. The emphasis is to keep it local and organic. And there is a flair for the German experience you won’t get elsewhere.

Owners Frank and his wife Corinna visited Vancouver for the first time several years back and they fell in love with this city. They quickly realized their dream and knew they wanted to move their business of fine food here.

After two long years of planning and waiting for their immigration permit, Frank, Corinna and their two sons finally moved to Beautiful BC.

Kitsilano was chosen as their favorite area in early 2007 during their first trip to Vancouver. After a long search the space of the current location became available and after a huge renovation Ploeger was set up in this much desired area of Kitsilano.

Located at 1900 West 1st Avenue (corner of Cypress and 1st avenue)

Hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30pm and Sundays from 9:00am -5:00pm

They anticipate closing later around 7pm during the summer months and offering a breakfast menu on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Stay tuned…

If you’re in the neighborhood I would suggest a visit to Ploeger. They offer organic coffee from Moja Coffee a small importer from North Vancouver and it pairs nicely with one of the in house made pastries, some of which are brought in fresh from a local German baker.

If you’re in search for a savory lunch item they’ve got this covered too. There are about 12 indoor seats and once summer arrives there will also be seating outside.

Lunch options include a selection of in house made sandwiches, quiches, salads, schnitzel, meatballs, daily soup and ratatouille. More options will be available in the near future. It’s also refreshing to learn they make their own mayonnaise and offer homemade jams.

Last modified: March 9, 2017

8 Responses to " There’s A New Delikatessen in Kits: Ploeger "

  1. Mike Jones says:

    I checked this place out two weeks ago, cool spot.
    A bit expensive but it doesn’t try to hide that fact, it’s classy and feels fancy.
    I got some really nice rooibos tea because the tea maker herself was there setting up a display and giving samples.

  2. Dan says:

    It’s spelt “Plöger” I think you’ll find. Sorry to be a pedant.

  3. Mike, I agree about your comment about it being on the expensive side but they don’t hide it 🙂 They will be having an olive oil tasting this Saturday, should be good to check out.

    Dan, thanks for the correction 😉

  4. Dan says:

    Though I do realize they spell it Ploeger on their site. Probably to help all us non-Germans pronounce it correctly! 😉

  5. Colin says:

    My girlfriend is living in Vienna and returning to Vancouver in July. We’ll be checking this place out for sure.

    When communicating via email and the internet, modern written German replaces the two dots above the vowel (known as an umlaut) with an e. So in this case, o umlaut becomes oe. The standard wasn’t created to ease pronunciation, but rather to ease writing.

  6. ariane c says:

    I just biked by this place for the first time today. Looks like a small Urban Fare; looking forward to the goodies on offer, but am glad to be forewarned regarding prices.

    As well, their business card shows Plöger on one side, and Ploeger Enterprises Inc. on the other. Either way, their site can be found at – I’ve yet to check that out as well.

  7. Roland says:

    Hello to Canada!

    The Plöger-Story was broadcasted in German Regional Television. They made their dream come true to move from a first class Frankfurt City location to Kitsisomewhereatthebeach, because they fall in love with Vancouver.
    Must be a place, Vancouver! A lot of peaople do like it as far as I know.
    Well, about the Umlaut: It’s difficult without a German keybord to do the dots above the vocal … the e beside is also right!

  8. Gordon says:

    And of course ‘oe’ is the standard transliteration for those lacking an o umlaut on their keyboard, so get over it.