Roasted Daily, Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Beans to Enjoy At Home


Buen Cafe is located at 2350 West 4th Avenue – between Vine and Balsam. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t been yet and you’re looking for coffee beans to enjoy at home.

You won’t miss this cute little coffee shop. The aroma is delightful as you stroll past the store front and the smell of coffee gets even better once you enter the shop.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Alexandro when I was in the shop early last week. What a wonderful man with a warm soul and a true passion for fair trade coffee. Originally from Mexico he has been living in Vancouver for the last 10 years and loves to educate people on all the different coffee beans that he has available. More importantly he is ecstatic on supporting the use of fair trade coffee beans.

You can choose from: Colombian • Costa Rica • Guatemala • Mexican • Peru • Sumatra Colombian Decaf • Java • Mexican Decaf

After spending some time chatting with him about the different bean options I decided on the ‘Costa Rica’.

Alexandro described this coffee as mild, full of flavor and creamy. Sounded great for my taste. After sipping a cup this morning it’s definitely creamy and delicious!

You can expect to find some tea and coffee accessories at the front of the store and there is also an area which emphasizes jewelry and art from mexico.

All beans are fair trade and organic and they’re roasted in the store daily which is one of the things that sets Buen Cafe apart from other coffee bean suppliers in the city. Make sure to get your stamp because after you buy 9 lbs. you get the 10th free.

If you’re not convinced I suggest you stop by the shop and get a cup to go or better yet stay in the shop for a while and chat with Alexandro. He is very pleasant to be around and knows his stuff when it comes to coffee beans!

Located in the heart of Kitsilano, Buen Cafe offers freshly roasted, organic, fair trade coffee beans to enjoy and share at home.

Daniela is a ‘feel good esthetician’ with a holistic approach. She lives and works in Kitsilano and her customers say she gives some of the best organic facials in Vancouver.

Last modified: April 5, 2010

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